Tank/dps and dps looking for mythic raiding guild


We are currently looking for a mythic raiding guild. We have not raided outside of pugs due to life events and focusing on other content. We are ready to get back into raiding. Our most current wow accomplishment is attaining cutting edge in antorus. I play blood death knight tank / unholy death knight dps and brewmaster tank / wind walker dps. Irelia plays demon hunter and wind walker monk. We would ideally like to join a guild together because our schedules are similar. Are available times are weekdays 6-10pm eastern and weekends. Below are our armories, logs, and raider io page.

Brew Armories:

Irelia Armories

Brew Raider IO

Irelia Raider IO

Brew logs

If you are interested in speaking to us please contact via the following:

Bnet - FastDriver#11323

Discord - FastDriver215#1879

You are a boss ahead of us so not sure if you would consider us. Either way I will leave you our info. We are interested in tank speck if that is what you are looking for.

I am the recruitment officer for Diminishing Returns on Dalaran. We moved to Dalaran after running a raiding guild on Kael’thas for 13 years. We moved the guild to Dalaran for recruitment and a more populated server.

Our raid environment is one of the best I have ever been in. We are a team of good people and good players. Our guild rankings on Warcraft logs speaks for themselves.

Raid Times: Tuesday and Wednesday 8pm till 11pm est.

I would rather speak with you instead of spamming your thread, as that does nothing for either of us. I feel getting to know someone is far more important. You can reach me at Geo#1668


Hi Brew! We are looking for another tank and some solid dps to help us push for CE in BoD! I will drop our guild info below, please add me if it sounds like somewhere you’d like to raid!

<Praetorian Guard> Draenor-US

Progression: 6/9 Heroic 1/9 Mythic (5/8M Uldir)

Raid Times: 5:00-9:00PM PST Sat/Sun

Needed: Dps/Tank

Come join Praetorian Guard and get your daily dose of mythics, memes, and gay! We are a laid-back group of mildly obnoxious friends that have been raiding on Draenor-US for a little over 8 years now, and believe that a casual schedule shouldn’t mean a lack of effort. We expect our raiders to know their class/spec and be reasonably familiar with log analysis. You can find our logs at https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/346/. We are a very diverse group, with many LGBT members, and tolerate no discrimination or personal attacks. We are also a very female-friendly environment, with a gender-balanced roster and plenty of female leadership.

We hang out a lot outside of WoW, including FFXIV, Overwatch, League, and many other games, as well as a fairly active Slack and Discord. We also gather at Blizzcon each year, with this year expected to see nearly 20 of us in Anaheim for the week!

If all of this sounds interesting to you feel free to hit me up either here or in game at Ender#1733 or on discord at Pugnodeum#4346.

Hey there! I’m going to add you on bnet, but here’s our information for you to look over. :smiley:

We’re looking to add some more talented people to our roster. Would love to chat and see if we’re a good fit.

Short version: Mythic Guild LFM Raiders

GM/Raid Lead: Xantoniel#1517

Not sure if the above times are flexible or solid.


[2/9M][8/9H] // [7/8M(G’huun 0% Wipes)]

- {Thirteen Thirty Seven} of Mal’Ganis [H]-
Is Currently recruiting for Tides Of Vengeance. We’re looking to fill out our roster and push to finish with a decent ranking in the US for the Battle for Dazar’Alor.

Raid Times:

  • Tuesday - 8:30PM-12:00AM EST [5:30-9PST]
  • Wednesday - 8:30PM-12:00AM EST [530-9PST]

2 days a week. 7 hours a week. That’s it. All progression and farm we do will be done within the raid schedule. Another hour MAY or MAY NOT be added to raid for pushing top end kills.
Any other organized activities will be 100% optional.


  • Tank: Brew, DH.
  • Healer: HOLY/SHADOW PRIEST HIGH PRIORITY Open to ANY Strong Healer.
  • Range DPS: Shadow Priest, Warlock, Mage, Elemental Shaman, Boomkin
  • Melee DPS: Demon Hunter, Retribution Paladin, Frost & Unholy DK

Contact Information:
GM: Kameron#1822

  • Pachyderm#1286 (Btag)
  • Loupy#1350 (Btag)
  • Wolffy#1290 (Discord)
    Discord: The Pachyderm#6698