454 bm hunter lf weekend raiding guild

looking to start raiding again, guild I am in went from a weekend to weekday raid and with my work schedule I cant make them. looking for any combination of Friday night, sat afternoon/night or sunday morning/afternoon

Hey there

My weekend raiding guild is looking to add a hunter into our team

heres a link to our recruitment post

Please add me at the following if youre interested!
BNET - Snarfed#1335 Discord - Snarfing#4104

Hello, I run an AOTC/M+ guild on the horde side of Tichondrius. We are 12/12H and 12/12N , we also run M+ nightly or at least every other night.

Raid days for heroic are fri/sat 9pm -12 am pst and we do normal clears on Tuesday nights gets at 9pm

If you are interested feel free to message me on bnet at Vetec#1230

Thanks for reading


I think we might be able to work with you, if you’ve got some logging to back up previous experience. Check out my recruitment post. I believe the times will work. My contact info is at the bottom.

Returning mythic weekend guild here. Looking To add members to our roster [H] Returning mythic weekend guild lfm

Not sure if we make the scheduling cut, but if you are still looking, here’s our information!