386 Blood DK (5/9 H exp) LF Mythic Raid Team

Hello All,

Due to real life I had to take a few months back. I have returned and I am looking for a new raid team to progress through mythic content with.

What I am looking for:
I am looking for a group of competent raiders that can progress through all (or almost all) mythic content each tier.

My Availability:
Sunday - Thursday 9:00 pm EST - 2 am EST. I would prefer 2 nights a week but am willing to go 3 for the right team. Faction isn’t really an issue.

If interested please add Spanks#1861.

This dude is still looking

Ok, i promise that I can read your availability, but when i’m interested, i’m interested, you know what I mean? Here’s our info below. IF you can swing the times, I’d really love to chat!

Hi, Spankypanky!

We are Failed at Hogger [H] on Turalyon US - We are currently 3/9H 8/9N BoD.

We raid Tuesday/Wednesday 7-10pm cst and optional Spillover on Mondays

We went 3/8M Uldir, trying to fortify our ranks and push for CE as hard as we can! We are a semi-hardcore guild with friendly players! We may be slow with progression now, but who knows how great we can be with great players! Many of us come from guilds with CE past, including myself, so we all want to make it to CE eventually!
If we sound like a fit for you, message my Btag Wrane#11253 or my Discord Wrane#6865 (Raid Leader)

Thanks for responding. Weekends don’t work for me at all sadly due to wife and kid stuff. But I really do appreciate it.

Thank you for replying! Good luck in your search. :smiley: