399 DH Blood Elf LFG

I’m looking for an adult guild to mythic raid with. I’ve been playing with friends or pugging M+ (+10-13) lately but would prefer to find a matching guild.

I’m looking for raiding 7:30-12:00 PST 2-3 nights a week, and a group that’s casually friendly but is open to providing feedback to progress though mythic BoD or higher M+. I’m more about playing as a team than driving individual numbers, although I’m open to feedback as we can always improve.

I think our times might be a bit off, but maybe weekends work better?? Here’s our information, please add me if we sound like a fit!

If you are looking for a smaller guild with community that is focused on progressing through new heroic content (pushing to achieve AoTC), mythic+, and pvp then we might be right for you! Once we can, we want to tackly mythic as well. We are building up a solid core team for all activities and would enjoy having you as part of our family! We want to eventually tackle mythic as well.

Bnet: Rozn#1164
Discord: Rozn02#6693