444 Resto 442 Boomkin LF guild

Hi everyone!

I’m currently on an Oceanic Server, but since my work hours no longer work well with that I’m looking to transfer over to an United States Server. I work night shifts here in Australia and that makes it difficult to find a guild to run things with. My play times are 8am - 1pm AEST excluding Wednesdays (2pm - 7pm PST excluding Tuesdays)

I would like to find a nice small guild, perhaps do some raids and mythic +. I currently play as a Horde, but will be willing to faction change when I swap servers. I have not properly raided since MoP as that was when I started this job. I did a bit at the end of Legion in Antorus but it was a struggle to meet Australian raid times with my schedule.

If you wish to get in tough my bnet is Projektmage#1457.

Thank you all for reading! :slight_smile:

We have someone on the team in a similar boat. I’m bad with time zones so I will leave our info. If you are interested, we would be interested in main boomkin, swing heals situation.