Raiders Looking For Weekends

I have a group of raiders looking for a semi hardcore raiding guild.

Resto Druid , Warrior, Mage, Rogue and a few others.

We are looking for a guild that is above wiping for 3 hours on an easy boss due to bad RLing and terrible roster choices. We all have a ton of mythic experience and some are AOTC on other chars. ILVLs are around 390+.

Looking for Late Friday / Satruday or Saturday / Sunday Raid times.

We strongly believe that we are only as strong as our weakest raider, and strive to help others out.

Yikes. That first impression though.

At least someone’s nice enough to say it.

I obviously think it would require a sit down with everyone, since you are such a large group. I am interested though in discussing all that you are looking for. Here’s our information below. Please add me if you would like to talk.