4/8M Sat/Sun only LF Possible Merger

4/8M guild with a very strong core possibly looking for a merger. Holidays have hit my team very hard. We have some very skilled players in key positions so we’d likely be looking for a merger or absorption. We are located on a high population server so likely we’d be looking to stay on the server unless a much better situation presents itself. Currently we have 11-15 reliable players with about 3-6 off server players every week. Lately that number keeps dwindling and we’re looking for a progression group that raids both of these days, preferably in the evening. If you’re interested in speaking contact me on discord.

Note this weekend group consists of players who all work different schedules, so weekdays wouldn’t work at all.

Discord: Lewter#5605

Hey anikage we are a weekend raiding guild alliance sent you a discord request!