408 DH 6/9M. Looking for guild!

Name/Server: Mysticálly-Thrall
Experience: [Uldir-5/8M(on another toon)] [BoD-6/9M (on this toon.)]
Availability: Wednesday, Friday-Monday.(5-12pm PST on all days)
Contact info: [Btag-Deadleus#1834] [Discord: Mystogon#1566]
The guild i was raiding with, has decided they are no longer going to continue progression due to certain members no longer wanting to play the game, i am just looking for another guild to continue progression with and hopefully blend in and help progress towards Cutting edge Jaina!

Hello Chi, We are a Mythic progression guild on Tichondrius. We are reforming as our last guild did not meet our progression needs/wants. We will be holding trials in the form of heroic runs and paying for xfers for exceptional players. Add Jack#14545 on BNet if you’re interested.

we raid sat/sun 7-10pm est i think it’s an hour shy of your posted times would you still be good on that or strict time commitment?