LF Progressive Weekend Team Fri/Sat

Restro Druid looking for a raid team for Friday/Saturday.
I’m on EST I usually get off work Friday around 5pm.

37 year old player. Been playing since release of the game on and off.

Been running pugs only and we know how hit or miss that is !!
Not the worlds top player but can understand mechanics and do my role.
I work 60 hours a week so most weekdays I only log an hour at a time.

Have almost every toon over 440 ilvl

I can transfer to any server.

My other account. With more older raid achievs ect.

Hey there!

Epitaph is currently looking for active players for our raid team. We are gearing up foe 8.3 and trying to get a solid group together for it. We are 6/8 heroic now and raid Friday 9pm est. We will be adding another day ( most likely saturday) when 8.3 comes out and we have our group together!

If you have any questions please feel free to add me to battlenet Alikona#11551 or Discord Dem#5747. Hope to hear from you soon! <3

are you looking to stay horde or can you swing alliance we also raid sat/sun are you flexible on days?

Heya, if you’re still looking for a guild add me on Bnet @ NukFur#1660 or Discord at NukFur#0990