463 Destrolock AOTC lf Weekend Mythic Guild

Hey everyone I’m looking to get off my currently Dead server. I am a quick learner and love to get constructive criticism to better myself as a player. Looking for an active guild that does mythic/heroic raids and M+. Parses available on request

AOTC (All Pugs)
Nyalotha 12/12 5th week Pug
EP 8/8 3rd week Pug
SoS 1st week Pug
BoD 9/9 10th week Pug 3/9M
Uldir 8th week

Times: (PST)
Fri 8-12pm
Sat Anytime
Sun anytime before 5pm

Hey there! Are you pretty set on that small window on Sunday? Here’s our information, you can add me if it sounds like something you can make work.