12/12H 5/12M Holy Paladin LF Weekend Mythic Raiding Guild


I am currently a 12/12H 5/12M Holy Paladin
Active in M+
472 equipped in raid
472 Equipped in m+ as holy
474 Equipped in m+ as ret
Neck is 84
Cloak is 15

I am willing to Server X fer and possibly faction change!

Currently raiding Tues/Weds but I will not be able to make those days anymore as my job has changed my schedule… So I am looking for a mythic progression group to raid with on weekends that is also active outside of raiding.

A returning player, Just came back after a break and wanting to push mythic raiding content!!

My availability is Saturday/Sunday Evenings and Possibly Friday/Mondays (if its later in the evening)

I can link logs to those guilds interested.

My Battlenet tag is

Hi Xantherious,

Sorry you won’t be able to raid with your current guild anymore! Pandamonium is a weekend raiding guild that is 9/12M and is looking to possibly bolster our healer ranks a bit for our CE push and into Shadowlands. If you think you might be interested, here’s the spam:

Good luck finding your new home!

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Hit us up!

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