[H] 7/8 M 447 Resto Druid looking for new home


I’m looking to find a guild to both close out Eternal Palace with and get into raiding in Ny’alotha.

I’ve been playing healers since vanilla and have experience on all types. I’m currently on a resto Druid, but have max level healers of every class. I’ve been raiding and have cleared out the top level content through my entire wow career, including CE in both previous raids of battle of Azeroth.

What I bring:

  • Consistency and attendance to all your scheduled raids (unless I’m on vacation or have a special IRL event)

  • Knowledge of my class including looking at logs, Druid discord, etc for information

  • Knowledge of fights and the acknowledgement of mistakes and willingness to fix them.

  • Easy going, don’t take myself too seriously, drama free attitude.

In Return, I would like a guild that:

  • Is at least 7/8 mythic

  • Raids no later than 11pm EST. Weekdays preferred. No more than 3 days a week.

  • Is somewhat active outside of raid hours. I like mythic+ and battlegrounds, and all that fun stuff.

  • Doesn’t condone drama.

If this sounds like you, feel free to hit me up on discord at Medira #6451 or on battle.net at Medira#1121. I can provide logs and armory upon request.

are you interested in going alliance and raiding weekends?

Still looking.