[A] [FM] 402 MW - Returning raider LF Guild

Hello :slight_smile:

I am 402 MW looking for a guild for 2 to 3 nights a week raiding. I’ve just come back at the game after raiding Uldir (Oh Dear).

Since being back I’ve mainly focused on M+ and gearing that way, I’d like to get into a tight nit, not cliquey guild to push heroic and maybe mythic raiding content. What xpac/raid has been your favourite? Like you want in a guildy, I want to find a guild that will read between the lines and pay attention to detail. I really enjoy M+ so people who wish to push on push weeks would be a great asset.

The type of guild I am after is one who is progressing on the later bosses of heroic at least. I’ve raided end content on many characters and previous xpacs so I’d like to be able to get back to similar levels. People need to be able to banter, without being toxic, understand being called out is a part of progression, not a personal attack and wants to just have fun.

The notable mythic achievement would be Mythic Archi and Mythic Blackhand - since then I’ve only raided mythic content on a casual basis. Ulduar no lights, Heroic 25 ICC. Firelands Heroic (Rag with legs, about as stupid as it sounds) and Deathwing Heroic before nerfs.

If I sound like someone you want around hit me up leave ya spam below and I’ll get in contact. I’d prefer to stay on [A], but happy to server xfer for the right people.


are you available to raid on the weekends?

Hello, we are recruiting:

Lint Roll My Carpet | Horde | Mal’Ganis

We raid Saturday and Sunday, 1-3 am CST (Friday/Saturday 11 pm - 1 am PST)


Guild Master: Fiege
BNET: Fiege#1567