400++ Skilled dps+Healer LF raid team

Husband: 400+DH and Mage (4/9M)
Wife: 400+ Druid Healer, Monk Healer(7/9M)

What do we want in a team?

In th past 10 years we have been in teams from casual-top US pushing single digit parses. We are looking to push current tier content and get cutting edge each tier. We want a team that is disciplined and structured on boss fights. Meaning people are sat based on class and skill on progression bosses and everyone is focused on the kill. During farm and trash it’s okay to have a good time as long as it isn’t hindering progression.

I work as a Offshift supervisor so I’m looking for a mature team as I don’t want to deal with any pettiness/drama.

We take and give constructive criticism and except to get the same to further our skill in our class/ role.

Available Schedule:
Mom-Friday: 8am-1pm, 12:00am-4am EST
Sat/Sun: 24hrs each day

Min Progression 3/9M preferred + 9/9H

If your guild meets these requirements and you are in need of a DPS/Healer please comment below or reach out to me

Btag: Chazz90210#1650

We look forward to hearing from you.

Hey dorje! we’re a weekend raid group let me know if your interested!!

Thanks Dank ill reach out. still open to other guilds.