3/9M 411 Havoc DH LF Mythic Guild

411 Havoc DH looking for a guild to push Cutting Edge with. Current guild suddenly stopped raiding and now im looking for a new place to raid mythic with and achieve cutting edge. I also have a 403 Rogue alt that I would be fairly open to swapping to as well. I am fully willing to server transfer and would consider faction transferring.

Raid Experience
BoD: 3/9M (P2 Exp on Opulence)
Uldir: 7/8M (G’huun @ 2.8%)
Antorus: 10/11M CE (Didnt kill Aggramar)

Mon/Tue 11AM - 10PM EST
Thurs 12PM - 10PM EST
Wed/Fri/Sat/Sun Anytime up till 10PM EST
There’s is little to no wiggle room with my times, some days my absolute latest is 10:30PM EST and that’s it.

BNet: Tilt#21747
Discord: Andrew#0040

Cant link logs but they are available to look at

Hey there Aulthraen! I’d be interested in the rogue for sure, and would want to discuss the DH (just to be transparent here). Here is our information below. Please message me if we sound like a potential fit!