6/12M Healer LF Guild

Hey guys the names Matty, and I play … everything.

I’m historically a healer main but recently have been playing DPS. I really want to get back into healing as it’s where my fun lies.

Currently I have to offer:
Disc Priest (needs cloak and neck levels)
Resto Shaman
Mistweaver Monk

Could work on :
Holy Paladin

I’m currently always available and am looking for likeminded progression raiders (around the 6/7 of 12 mark)

If interested add my Battle Tag : Matty#11866 and we can talk logs/info

Posted on my alt by accident . Just tagging on one of my healers here.

Also before anyone asks I am leaving my current guild on good terms, I’m just not interested in playing as a DPS anymore. (Was playing Warlock mostly)

Light bump. Like more a volleyball pass , less of a boop.

Hi Matty, at Pandamonium we’re looking for a disc priest or resto sham. Currently 5/12, here’s the spam:

Thanks for your interest, but no thank you!