4/9M 407ilvl Boomie LF night raiding guild No Ali

I recently joined a mythic guild just to have one of the the few good player/officers leave, Im looking for a guild where 100 wipes on a boss actually means something and players can learn from their mistakes instead of smashing their heads against the wall for hours wasting everyone time id like to raid for 7+ hours a week and can raid late night anyday except for tues (10pm and later for any night other then tues anytime after 4pm Fri Sat Sun Monday Wed. Id like a stable guild instead of a newly formed guild where players are just being swapped left and right. I usually main tanks so a ranged dps is new to me and you can see the improvement as i spend more time on boomie.(if you are looking for someone who doesnt die alot im your man feel free to look at the my death % to confirm it) ttps://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/C3wx7VLgQWdXcfh2#fight=39&type=damage-done / ttps://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/7k8VwZCYHqp1Pmd2/#boss=-2&difficulty=0&wipes=1&type=damage-done… Leave a message here or message me on discord @ Lazy#1115 erase the … if you would like to see my logs add a h to the ttps links or i can pm them to you if you cant get them to show

The night show raids on Zul’Jin from 10-1am pst. 1-4am eastern on Sunday’s and Monday’s with a alt run on Tuesdays. We are 3/9 M with opulence just teetering in the edge. You can reach me at
Discord campyourbody#2937
Bnet tim#12145

We are horde

Hello, we are the US #3 Late night and are currently looking for strong boomkins.

Here is my spam below

<Club House> is a Horde guild on the server Kil’Jaeden and has been together for 10 years! We have server firsts and other experienced players within our raid. Currently we have downed 8/9m Mythic BoD and looking to solidify our roster going forward.

8/9 M BoD
9/9 H BoD (AoTC Week 1)
8/8M Uldir CE
8/8 H Uldir (AoTC Week 1)
11/11 M Antorus CE

We raid Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9pm-Midnight PST with the occasional Monday raid if needed for content pushes.

What we need from you:
We’re a mature guild so 18+ only please.
Please have a working headset. (Push to talk during raids)
We expect all of our raiders to be raid ready! That means Fully gem’d and Properly enchanted, food, flasks, pots and runes.
be at the raid instance BEFORE the start time of 9pm.
Knowledge of your class and boss fights.
Be able to handle constructive criticism and the occasional trolling.
Past warcraft logs.
Have a good time.

Currently we’re looking for:

clubhouse enjin com/recruitment

or add Sosleepy#11248

Hope to hear from you soon!
Happy Hunting.

i see you said anytime after 4pm but is is that est pst or cst?