Ret Paladin 407 LF Mythic Progression Raid Team

About me:
Currently 407 ilvl, Alliance side Ret main.
3/9 M BFD with over 80 attempts on Opulence.
CE in Uldir, ABT, EN, and SOO. Multiple AOTC leading back as far as FL when I began my raiding career.
Finished FL, DS, TOT, SOO, HFC, EN, ABT, and Uldir ahead of next content patch.
Prog raiding in TOES, NH.
Have been on main Ret or Rogue for my entire raiding career (currently Ret)
Looking for a guild that is ideally at least 4/9M in BFD.

Ideal times for me are between the hours of 6 and 11 CST M-F and Sunday
I do not mind faction swapping for the right guild

btag: Belliameris#1336
discord: Retnoodle#8209

Feel free to leave your information here and I will also contact you.
Thank you

Hey Ret, our team is looking for another good pally to add to our core group, Id like to speak with you over discord if you have a free moment this weekend. I look forward to hearing from you, Helloz from

Sunwell Hotel (US-Tichondrius)

Who We Are:

Sunwell Hotel was formed when a few friends who raided on various server decided to come together at the start of BfA to form an adult progression oriented guild. Our roster consists of individuals who are all adults with varying professions ranging from PhD Candidates and Surgeons to Coaches, Marines and Bankers. The one denominator that unites us is our dedication to World of Warcraft.

What We Are Looking For:

We, here at Sunwell Hotel, are looking for individuals who will not only fit our raiding criteria but also individuals who’s personalities will merge well with our environment. The below criteria are characteristics that all of our raiders conform to and are the characteristics we look for in all of our potential recruits.

  • Individuals with above average raiding skills, awareness and knowledge.
  • Individuals who constantly try to improve themselves by keeping up with current theory-crafting and research/changes pertinent to their class.
  • Individuals with impeccable attendance and punctuality. This is of PARAMOUNT important to us as we are aimed at clearing mythic content. We are adults with professional lives and our time is valuable, if you become part of our core we expect you to value our time as we will value yours.
  • Individuals who’s personalities and attitudes merge well in our environment. It is our belief that progression is fostered not only by punctuality and skill but also by an environment which is drama and clique free and in which our raiders can enjoy themselves.
  • Individuals who are prepared for raid. This means having Flasks, Potions, Enchants and other consumables regardless of the fact that Cauldrons and Feasts will be provided during progression raids.

Our Raiding Schedule:

  • Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday - 9:00pm-12:00am EST
  • Mythic + Dungeons are run throughout the week and are an activity that we encourage all of our raiders to participate in as it is a required method of maximizing your gear.

Our Current Progress:

BoD Mythic: 2/9

BoD Heroic: 9/9

Our Current Needs for BoD:

  1. Tank: (Med Need) BM/War
  2. Healer: (Low Need) HPAL, MW monk
  3. Melee DPS: (Medium Need) DH, WW, DK
  4. Ranged DPS: (High Need) Hunter, Mage, Warlock, Spriest

Any exceptional players who wish to apply to currently filled positions will be considered, as the Mythic Roster is competitive and adaptable

Contact Information:

You can reach out to us through Battle Tag or Discord:

  • Asheer#12200(RID) or Asheer#5282(Discord)

Thank you,
I will be in contact with you soon.

what about saturday i see you didn’t mention that day in ur post are you available on that day?

I do not mention Saturday because I frequently take trips out of town on weekends and usually leave on Friday evenings/ Saturday mornings to come back early afternoon Sundays.