Resto Shaman LF Saturday Night Raid Group

I used to be a hard core raider. What I am looking for now is good people to have fun and kill stuff with during the weekend. I would be available during the week night for Mythic + dungeons as well but I work pretty early in the AM. Sunday I am on pretty much all day. 400+ il not raided in BFA other than LFR (used to be in server 1st guild when I raided 7 days a week, but those days are past) I just want a good group to have fun with (I have an alliance shaman as well not as geared but can get to 400 quick)

would you be interested in raiding sat/sun?

if I did sunday it would have to be earlier in the day I think… but I will consider it

Hello there! I am the RP officer for The Remnants of Hope of Emerald Dream and would like to show you what we have to offer.

We’re a 9 year old gaming community with divisions in ESO, SWTOR, and GW2 as well. We (progression) raid Wednesday and Saturday 8-10/10:30 pm EST, (casual) raid Friday 8-10/10:30 pm EST, and we also have a Last chance Mythic+ Keystone event every Monday night before weekly reset! Our RP department is getting up and running currently. And our PvP Department? They kick butt and take names!

In BOD we were N9/9, H6/9, and M1/9. We have our sights set on even more murder! And in case that was not enough, I also bribe people with cat photos. :cat: I’ll go ahead and link our recruitment information/post below. Should you wish to reach out to me, my battle tag is Stormtree #1351

Wednesday is my only issue I get up for work about 4am mon-sat
Looking for a primarily Saturday night raiding group. (Mabey Friday Night or Sunday afternoon)
I would also be online most evenings for Mythic + dungeons.

I, too, am the GM of a Saturday/Sunday raiding guild, so I hope that you’ll consider us, as well. We end promptly at 10 p.m. on Sundays, so you’d be able to go to bed soon thereafter!

Renegades is a Horde raiding guild on Trollbane. We raid on Saturday and Sunday evenings from 6:30 – 10:00 p.m. EST. We are currently 9/9H and 5/9M in BoD and 2/2H in CoS. We will be heading directly into Normal and Heroic Eternal Palace during opening week.

The guild was formed in May 2010 with a focus on community, and we pride ourselves on balancing a friendly environment with pushing Mythic progression. If you’re looking for a guild where raiders push progression at the expense of the people that they’re raiding with, we are not the right guild for you. But if you’re looking for a place to kill Mythic bosses with a quality team of players, I would welcome the opportunity to talk to you and tell you more about our guild.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss our guild and raiding environment further, please add my BattleTag, Zaranna#1449.

Thank you for your consideration.

I will also consider it :slight_smile:

Hey Gundam. Didnt know if you have considered an early affernoon raiding guild. We are Redline-Thrall Horde. We also have folks that run Mythic plus, pvp, and pug raids for alts and non core members.

For raiding times We raid progression 12-4pm on Wednesday and Thursdays, with some other optional content on Tuesdays.


  • Uldir (Mythic) 6/8
  • Battle of Dazzar’alor (Mythic) 7/9
  • Crucible of Storms (Heroic) 2/2 (World 5th / Server 1st)

We have a mix of third shift, EU, and work from home guildies that are committed to daytime raiding

Here is our discord
Feel free to put an app on there. If you have any questions or want to talk im on there as Retrection, there is Whardy, and Miamage.

Thanks for your time!

Unfortunately I get up for work between 4am-4:30am and dont get home till about 3-4pm Monday - Friday. I’m on most nights after work but would rather not raid Monday-thursday (Saturday I also work in the morning but it’s more like a 1/2 day 7-12)