399 DH [H] DPS Illidan LF guild

Looking for a raiding guild.

Found some free time in life and want to get back into the raiding scene. My hours are flexible and I’m good at playing my class. I can tolerate a progression guild that isn’t looking to race for mythic 9/9 but Id rather be in a raid environment for mythic progression and M+ key grinding on the off time. Preference for guilds with active chat/discord.

If an offer appears good for me I will contact you for more info.

Background: Casual raiding in WOTLK Naxx-Icecrown, Semi hardcore raiding in Cata (Firelands), Semi Hardcore raiding in Legion (Emerald Nightmare). I make my own flasks and pots, I notify leadership if I’m going to miss a raid.

are you deadset on staying horde and i didn’t see where you said your days that you’re available do you have a preference on raid days and time’s?

Heya! We have a spot for a DH on our Mythic raid team. Our guild is an established adult “casual-core” guild founded during Emerald Nightmare. We have previously been heroic-only, earning AOTC well before the next tier and are now branching out into a new Mythic raid endeavor, as some of our former mythic raiders want to push more content on our similarly light schedule. Our goal is short hours with good, solid progression. Mythic team members are welcome but not required to raid with the Heroic team as well.

We are incredibly active in M+ on off nights and have a number of members who love pushing keys. Our discord and guild are all relatively active, and usually we have people hanging out and chatting every day starting in the afternoon and going late into the evening.

Mythic team: Sunday 7-10 PM EST
Progression: 1/9 M (we are still looking to fill the last few spots to progress Grong)
Heroic Team: Mon/Wed 9-11 PM EST
Progression: 9/9N, 7/9H

If this sounds interesting to you, then toss me an add Ama#11132
of Area-52

If you’re open to alliance, let me know.

Short version: Mythic Guild LFM Raiders

GM/Raid Lead: Xantoniel#1517 on Bnet or Xantoniel#1979 on Discord

We are looking for DH DPS. Currently on H progression BOD. Raid schedule: 11:15 PM EST to 2:00AM / TUE, THU, Sundays.

Feel free to come raid with us for a trial period before committing.

[H]Topped Off-Illidan is returning to raiding and looking for more people.

We raid Tuesday & Thursday 9-12 CST

We are looking for cutting edge players that want to raid on a lighter schedule.

Have any questions? Add my battletag: