Ex-Top 10 US BFA Healer LF Weekend Guild

Hello. I raided in AK from the end of ToS in Legion where we improved each tier until a US 7th kill of Jaina in BoD. I also raided in Divinity in MoP for top 20 US kills as well.

I am looking for a more casual environment with a very specific schedule. Firstly, I’m looking for a weekend schedule primarily. Preferably Sat/Sun or Sun/Mon. I would still like to achieve CE before new content arrives and would like to find a guild with a history of doing so if that is not asking too much.

I am able to play any of the healers at a high level and have them all leveled to max besides Resto Druid. I am primarily a Shaman player, but I have progressed on both Holy Paladin and MW Monk as well. Paladin/Shaman are the most maintained with a 63 and 64 neck and roughly 435 IL each. I will catch up to the next raid requirements in the interim after the 8.3 announcement.

Feel free to add me bnet as localidiot#1332 or on discord as Estelese#4557.

I will very likely not bend on some of these requirements, but do not hesitate to ask as I’m sure that there are some exceptions I have not thought of.

** I would also consider a late PST schedule depending on the time investment required. **

hey bud let me know if you are interested i sent you a bnet request if you have time to chat