LF weekend raiding guild

I have experience raiding mythic I got 3/8M EP second week and had to take a break. Looking for AOTC guild wanting or is already doing mythic content. I have multiple classes raid ready for heroic and some for mythic I am knowledgeable of all of the fights on each difficulty, deal well with mechanics, and take constructive criticism well. If I need to gear one of the classes I play to be able to raid To fit your team i certainly will.I can multi spec on most of my classes and know all of the specs I play inside and out. I am looking for a guild to raid, do M+, and some pvp with. I like most all types of gameplay would like to be part of a M+ team. I can raid almost any time on the weekends and be consistent. Willing to server/faction xfer. My raid ready toons are on Stormrage and Silvermoon US atm. Btag:Sheena#1732 Discord:Dal/Auroxx#7530

Hi Auroxx - on Magtheridon is looking for ranged dps, especially casters. Here’s the spam:

Hey Auroxx, if your able to do Saturday and Sunday mornings from 10 am to 2 pm CST I’d like to talk to you my btag is wawa#1628

We’re Horde, but we are a weekend guild!