Moonkin and warlock lf 2 day M guild


Here is the short and sweet of it, I am the RL & GM of on Illidan, we are a 3 day a week raiding guild that was 3/8 mythic last tier. We are looking to push hard into shadowlands. Have core spots for you guys

Hey my guild, DirtylilHorde on Zul’jin is recruiting. I think we fit your hours perfectly, as we raid 10pm-1am EST Sunday and Monday night. We are an active guild, mostly running mythic+ each night, but also occasionally running BGs and arenas. In raid, we are a mythic-casual guild. We clear AOTC quickly then move into mythic progression where we approach it casually over the remainder of the tier. I’d love to chat more about my guild, my discord is Aethas#8796. I can add you to btag when I get home from work tonight.

Gl hf daddies

think we fit your hours perfectly, as we raid 10pm-1am EST Sunday and Monday night. We are an active guild, mostly running mythic+ each night, but also occasionally running BGs and arenas. In raid, we are a mythic-casual guild. We clear AOTC quickly then move into mythic progression where we approach it casually over the remainder of the tier. I’d love to chat more about my guild, my discord is Aethas#8796. I can add you to btag when I get home from work tonight

Love u miss u

I know you said weekdays, but is there any room on the weekends? If not, that’s ok, but if so! we would love to talk to you. Here is our information:

Hey Spooky and Caulk, Parable is a 2-night Mythic guild looking to move forward with progression in 8.3. We transitioned from an AoTC guild to a Mythic focused guild last patch, going 4/8M. We are looking to add high-caliber players to our roster who can make the most out of both nights while still having fun. I will add you on BNET. Here is some additional info on the guild.

Please check out our site and feel free to apply as well!
Website -
You can also apply here:

If interested contact on Battlenet:
Iliuvatar#1905 - GM
Crusadan#1192 - Officer
Apollymi#1215 - Officer
Dupe#11171 - Officer
Or PM me on Discord (Iliuvatar#8663)

Who We Are
Parable is shifting focus from Heroic to Mythic raiding. We have had success in Mythic this expansion and are looking to add the final pieces to the puzzle. Our immediate goal is to have a team of 25 players who can play at a high level on a limited schedule. Most of us have played for years, but have full time jobs, families, or other commitments. We therefore look to do the most with our time. If you are looking for a fun group and a raid team that is extremely reliable, we are the guild for you. Prefer players 21+.


Team Mentality
We are a team first guild. We value team progression over individual accomplishments. We are in it together. Therefore trades are abundant, most players donate to the bank, we help each other to improve and we create an environment that allows players to grow and improve. We don’t have time for elitist mentalities.

We expect players to know their class. This means best in slot items, best azerite traits, ideal talents, etc. Players should know how to sim their toons/gear. Players should remain competitive with their HoA level and we encourage guildies to complete a +10 key each week. Players should make all raid nights barring emergencies, research all boss fights in advance, and show up gemmed, enchanted and in discord.

Mythic raiding is a commitment and it requires a strong group with good chemistry. It is important that our raiders can make at least 90% of the raids. We are hoping to build a strong bench to fill in in the case of absences. We will always understand if a change in work schedule or an emergency occurs. Outside of that, consistency is extremely important.

Players should perform at a competitive level. They should have the hang of raid fights within a few pulls and be able to adjust on the fly. Players should be aware of their utility and be able to utilize it. We generally hope players can pull a minimum of 80% of their sim. We do our best to help struggling players should they need it.

Other Perks
We have a very active Mythic plus crowd, with many running M10-15 each week.
We have a donation incentive system called Parable+
We have a website and a facebook page
We provide feasts, flasks and potions for our raiders
Our discord is active
We get to know our raiders and build a tight-knit community.

FinalBoss on Proudmoore is looking for raiders to fill out our spots for 8.3 raid progression!

We are a guild of long time friends that have a strong sense of community. We value having fun while also challenging ourselves. We have achieved AoTC and 3/8 Mythic (9% pull on Ashvane btw) in Eternal Palace and just need a few more dedicated players to round out our mythic roster. With your help we can truly be great!

Our raid times are 6:45 - 9:30 PST every Tuesday and Wednesday with Farm content on Friday at the same time. We also have many dedicated M+ players that are always ready to do keys!

What we are looking for (Most desired to least):

  • A mage or two
  • Havoc Demon Hunter(s)
  • Any ranged DPS
  • Rogues
  • Any melee DPS

But we are always looking for any dedicated player with a good attitude!

Send us a shout!

Guild master

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Hope to see you soon

I added you both on bnet and would love to chat. :grin:


Hey Spooky and Caulk,

Hootenanny is a 1 night/week guild pushing for CE each tier. We value efficiency and accountability but have a very fun and family vibe. We do all the things together - mythic+, pvp, dailies We have room for two solid dps heading into Nyalotha.

Our info is below, feel free to toss us some apps if we sound like a good fit!

Just a couple of dopes still looking for a long term raidlationship

Hey fam, good luck <3 u

LAST ATTEMPT Player Recruitment


< Last Attempt > is an alliance mythic raiding guild with some former US Top 50 players that now raid 2 nights a week. The majority of us are working professionals or students with set schedules so the guild has been around for quite a while. We’ve historically been the #1 Alliance guild on the server but have had some roster issues during Eternal Palace. We’re looking for more great players going into 8.3. See below for all the necessary info you need to apply.


At the bottom of this post we have video clips on twitch if you would like to see what our raid environment is like, and our logs are always public.

You can apply at:

https :// (Google sheet, no signup, posts to our discord. Please be sure to removed the extra space in the links.)
https ://

Or talk to an officer:

Schizophreni (Cit#1338) - Raid leader/Ranged

Shadowcutie (Shadow#1702) - Melee

Kobieta (Kobi#1407) - GM/Healers/General inquiries

Cuddlestomp (Cuddlestomp#1182) - General inquiries

Discord tag : Citta#9511

About Us

Example of our serious business raid:

https ://

Last Attempt is long standing guild formed during Wrath of the Lich King on the Magtheridon-US server.

We’re a hodgepodge guild of ex-raiders of varying levels from US Top 5 to casual friends and family with history stretching back to Vanilla WoW.

We have a focus on trying to make the most of the time we raid and having a good time while doing it.

Must be over age 18, preferably over 21. No kids. A sense of humor is required. Guild chat is not family-friendly.

Awareness to remove yourself from fire, frost, poison, shadow, and any other incredibly obvious ground effects, push your buttons close to your classes’ potential, the ability to accept criticism regarding your failures and the ability to learn from them as well, is required.

Our main concerns are skill level and fit with the guild, we are open to ANY PLAYER with those two meeting our expectations.


Current: M Zaqul #293 US

M Jaina #385 US

M G’huun #433 US

M Argus #432 US

M Gul’dan #314 US

M Xavius #401 US





We are looking for a tank.

The expectations are high for this position:

High end raid tanking experience
Active with the guild/mythic plus/highly active player
Very communicative and vocal on comms to work with the raid team
Ability to play multiple tanks
Comfortable doing research and planning for raid fights
If this sounds like something you would be interested in and a fit for then you should message me directly on discord: Citta#9511























Jaina Kill Video
https ://

G’huun Kill Video
https ://

Argus Kill Video

https ://


https ://

Website :

https ://

Hey there! Perhaps we can interest the two of you.

Please Taunt on US-Hyjal, 8/8 M AEP (US 156 WP), 9/9M BoD 6-hour / week team. We’ve done several full reclears and are looking to push forward into the new raid.

We’re honest with people about mistakes and performance, and expect our players to take criticism well. We’re looking for players who share our team mentality, and as long as you’re outgoing and interested in playing the game with us, you’ll be happy playing here.

Tuesday - Wednesday 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm PST

Fill out this very short form if you want to chat with us about playing here :slight_smile:
https:// (delete the space after the slashes)

hey yall good luck good people

Hey there Spookyspooky, we would like to talk to you about possibly joining our raid team here in Hoversail! Our core is 4/8m with a lot if mythic and ce raiding experience. Read over our recruitment post below and fill out a very short app on our website if you think it be a good fit for you!

Guild & Server: [H[ Zul’jin
Raid Times/Days: Tuesday and Wednesday 9:00pm-12:00pm EST
Current Progression: 6/8M EP
Recruitment Contacts: Ron#4609 or Morrie#1976 (Discord)
Battle Tags: SilentRiots#1512 or Morrie#1378
Wowprogress: www.wowprogress .com/guild/us/zul-jin/The+Drunken+Elk
Requirements: 435 ilvl, Neck level 67+.
Needs: Demon Hunter, DPS DK, DPS Warrior, Warlock, Shadow Priest, Mage. All exceptional dps are welcome to apply!
About Us: The Drunken Elk is a large, adult, social raiding guild. Our Mythic raid team is recruiting. Our raid team has the goal of Cutting Edge every tier, at what we like to consider a reasonable pace, which means that while we may never be in the top 100, we will kill mythic bosses and have fun while doing so. We pride ourselves on the culture we’ve built and are looking to expand and improve our raid team.

Gl HD missfaj

3/8 m guild with core spots available I added you both:3

We have been a guild for over 10 years now and have achievement multiple cutting edge achievements during that time. While we aren’t as hardcore as we once were, we pride ourselves on pushing progression on a strict 6 hour schedule in a laid back atmosphere.