474 BM Hunter LF Mythic raiding guild

I am new to mythic raiding this tier(5/12), but have found the experience enjoyable. I am looking for a group that aspires towards CE in this tier and going forward into Shadowlands. I would prefer a guild that raids 2-3 nights a week and finishes no later than 12 AM EST. Faction and server are for sure not set in stone and I am willing to swap either if needed. Thanks for your consideration.

Edit: My BNet is AhoyMatey#11356

Resounding Maybe is a late-night weekend Mythic raiding guild. We formed as a group of friends looking to get back into end game raiding at the end of Legion, and have since been consistently climbing in rank on Bleeding Hollow.

At out core we’re a relaxed team of progression-minded raiders who understand real world commitments come first. Many of us have careers, families, are busy students, etc. With that said, we do seek the highest levels of content of WoW has to offer us, and expect everyone to come to raid prepared and ready to kill bosses.

While we still have a great time during raid, we also understand wiping to repeated mistakes isn’t fun for anyone, and will always work to perfect and improve our team. In the end we provide a structured and stable raid environment, detailed raid analysis, and a commitment to always make the most efficient use of our 6 hours of boss time. In turn we expect you to take time outside of raid to plan and prepare yourself to reliably carryout mechanics while magnifying your role in the raid.


  • 9/12M NYA (currently a 64% wipe in last phase)

  • 6/8M AEP

  • 2/2H CoS

  • 8/9M BoD

  • 3/8M Uldir

Raid Times:

  • Fridays | 12am-3am EST

  • Saturdays | 11pm-2am EST

  • Wednesdays (Optional Heroic) | 11pm-2am EST

Logs required. Please apply at:

https:// guilded.gg/r/AdrRpmKeDl?i=GAnne53A
(remove spaces before guilded)

For more info, please contact Danjuhzone#5370 (discord) or Kettch#6262 (discord) or Xanas#9343 (discord).

[A] [Stormrage]
< Continuum >
8/8M Uldir
9/9M BoD
8/8M Eternal Palace
11/12M Ny’alotha

We are looking for people of semi-hardcore mentality/EXP wanting to clear Mythic raids.
(By semi-hardcore we simply mean we get in and get stuff done, not smashing our face in 20+hr raid weeks)

Raid Schedule:
Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday; 7:30pm-10pm PST (9:30-12 CST/ 10:30pm-1am EST)

Mage/ Holy Pally/Shammy (Resto or Ele)/ Warlock/Hunter/Resto Druid

We are always looking for excellent players that are able to show up to raid prepared and on time. We will always consider exceptional applications.

For more information please add one of our battle tags/discords

Jeankrlo#1143 - Btag
Jeancarlo#2728 - Discord :))

Hey there !

< Quantum > [H] on Illidan is recruiting for our core mythic team! We are a two night, mythic raiding guild who are currently 4/12M.

Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday - 09:30PM EST to 12:30AM EST.
Current Progression: 12/12H AoTC in week 3 and now 4/12M, looking to be 5/12M by next week.
Current Needs:
Tank: Closed
Melee DPS: Open - Rogue ideally
Ranged DPS: Open - All, with preference to Sham/Lock/Hunter/Boomy
Healer: Open - Prefer a disc priest/resto sham
Guild Requirements: Prefer 80+ heart and Rank 15 cloak. Come prepared to raid with anything you may need for the night, and arrive 15 min early. Food, flask, repairs and enchants are provided as needed.

We are a new-ish guild, forming at the beginning of this expansion. For the first couple tiers, we were primarily focused on AoTC achievement. Last tier, we began to make the transition to a CE focused guild. We like to think we are a very unique guild, that labels themselves more as a community. Our members all joke around, and have fun both in raid and out. Many of us play multiple other games together on off nights, as well as pushing M+ or doing carries in both M+ and heroic raids. For this reason, we want to keep this a drama/toxicity free environment and look for good fits to join our community.

Would love to chat a little more with you and see if we are a good match!

You can reach me on BNet or Discord at Ekoh#1469 for both.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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Hey there, if you’re looking for a more laid back prog guild, then give us a look! If you like what you see below, I’d love to chat more with you!
Symbiosis is an Alliance guild on Sen’jin/Quel’dorei looking to improve our roster for the Ny’alotha raid team. Our current progress is 7/12M. We are a super friendly inclusive raiding team that also plays games outside of WoW together! We have a fairly large group of people who like to run mythic+ dungeons daily (not just a dedicated team) and anyone wanting to do them is included. We take bosses seriously, but we still have fun on trash! We make constructive comments, not discouraging remarks to individuals during raid. We strive to help everyone improve all the time.

Raid nights are Tues/Thurs/Sun 7-10pm CST (8-11 EST, 5-8 PST).

We use Discord for raid communications.
We use RCLootCouncil to distribute any gear that is tradeable from the raids.

We are currently looking for:
Always looking for great ranged and melee dps.

If you have any questions or would like to apply, please contact me at Cyndreya#1336 (btag), Cyndreya#5147 (discord)


Tues, Weds, Thurs
10PM - 1AM EST

About Us:

Transcendent is a newly established Semi-Hardcore raiding guild that was formed by a group of friends who wanted a competitive yet relaxed atmosphere all while achieving CE on a tier by tier basis on a 9 hour a week schedule.


We expect all our raiders to come to raid with a progression based mindset. This means being knowledgeable about your Class/Spec and doing everything to min/max. We expect all our raiders to have an understanding of the encounters we plan to progress on, this means watching videos, etc.

We expect all our raiders to show 95% attendance, as well as maintain a competitive level of performance.

We begin forming raid 9:45PM EST and pull at 10PM, we expect all raiders to be on by 9:45.

Current Recruitment Needs:

Fire Mage

ALL exceptional Range DPS

We will consider ALL exceptional players regardless of roster needs!

Apply At:

http s://forms.gle/zPBPjUMeU6Dh4v9z7


http s://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/zul-jin/Transcendent

Contact Us!

Cobains, GM / Recruitment - hamster#11650 - BNET, hamsterhiatus#9997 DISCORD

Slandor, Raid Lead - BigChungus#1280 - BNET

Metajunkie, Officer / Sales - molo#1476 - BNET

Hey Ahoy, glad you’ve had a good experience!

Pandamonium is a 10/12 M Alliance guild on Magtheridon that is looking for some ranged dps to help us with our CE push and on into Shadowlands. We raid Sat/Sun from 7-10pm EST. If that sounds like what you might be looking for, here’s the spam:

Good luck finding your new home!

Hi there,

Transcend of Area 52 is seeking talented individuals to push for success.

About Transcend
We are neither a casual nor a hardcore raiding guild. If you are looking for a team that approaches raiding professionally while maintaining a fun atmosphere, we may be the place for you. We are a mix of college students, working professionals, husbands/wives, and generally people from all walks of life. We are a friendly atmosphere, dramaless, social, and active guild. Plenty of activity within: Mythic +, Island Expeditions, PvP and outside games. We run plenty of guild contest, we have given over 10 million gold away to players in the guild.

Our goals as a guild
Our long-term goals are to provide a unique playing environment for our members. We would like for them to enjoy playing the game with other like minded individuals. Bringing together many different personalities with the same common goal will be very satisfying for everyone. This game has a lot to offer and can be very rewarding when you have the right people to play with. We are looking for individuals with great personalities that want to mythic raid.

Currently seeking
Melee DPS:
Ret Paladin

Ranged DPS:
Mage, Warlock, Hunter

If you are a great player and your class isn’t listed, feel free to reach out and we’ll be happy to give you a shot!

Raid Times
Saturday: 9PM EST - Midnight EST
Sunday: 9PM EST - Midnight EST

Current Raid Progression
Mythic Uldir: 3/8
Mythic BoD: 3/9
Mythic EP: 4/8

Apply at:

Contact us:
Main Contact (Battle Tag): Tony#17957
Discord: Dev#9022
In game characters: Healing, Dev, To, Hotdudes, Cutiehotcake

If you’re still looking for a guild is recruiting for strong and reliable DPS, if you’re interested add my btag @ Lurch#1723 we are 5/12M

Close Enough is a newly formed guild (9/12M experience) on Area 52 that has a heavy emphasis on mythic raiding and having fun. While most of us are reforming from a previous guild, we are pushing for Cutting Edge this tier and looking for raiders to continue into Shadowlands.

Current needs:

  • Beast Mastery Hunters

  • Destruction Warlocks

  • Holy Paladin or Resto Druid

Even if your class is not listed above, feel free to apply! All applicants are currently being considered.

Raid Times/Days:

Tuesdays and Thursdays 9PM-12AM EST

What we expect from our members:

  • There are no guaranteed raid spots - even among the original founders of the guild. If someone is underperforming consistently and another player is ready to step in, they will.

  • We expect a minimum of 85% raid attendance.

  • A thorough understanding of your class/spec. While we don’t expect you to be the best player for your respective spec, we like players who do their research and are continually making efforts to improve. Whether you watch streams of high-level players and/or lurk class discords, we feel that players who are in search of knowledge are able to bring more to the raid.

  • Researching the fights prior to first pulls. We understand that some people learn better by playing the fight; however, 19 other raiders depend on you to understand the fight as much as you can beforehand. Strategies we will be utilizing will be posted in discord several nights ahead of raid, but use of outside texts/videos that help you understand the encounters better is encouraged.

  • Just general enjoyment of the game. We understand that players have lives and other games they enjoy outside of WoW. That said, we are not interested in raiders who only log in to raid. If playing the game outside of raid such as doing a key or vision a week seems more like a chore for you, you most likely will not be a good fit here. Despite its highs and lows, we are a group that loves WoW, and want players who feel the same.

  • We are memers. While we’re fairly serious about raiding, we do have our fair share of jokes. What kind of jokes? You’ll just have to find out :wink:



Once you fill out your application, we’ll reach out to you within 24 hours to let you know whether or not we’re interested. If yes, we’ll schedule an interview as soon as both parties are available. Regardless, sometimes life happens and you’re more than welcome to follow-up on your application if we do not get back to you.

If you have any questions or after applying, feel free to add either officer on BattleTag/Discord

             BattleTag          Discord

Treyvari: Trey#1713 Trey#6015

Kesaia: Kesaia#1836 Kesaia#2910

Currently 12/12M Famed Slayers Of N’zoth [US 91], 8/8M[US110] , 9/9M BoD [US140] , 8/8M Uldir [CE] , 11/11M Antorus [cutting edge].

Recruitment Needs for Mythic: (Transfer Required) 1 brew/blood dk or multi class tank, 1 disc priest, 1 resto shaman/druid, 1 warrior dps, 2 ranged dps(strong preference for warlock+mage) 1 bm hunter… Potentially 1 other stud melee player. Anyone talented regardless of class/spec will be considered. Do not be shy to apply even if you are not one of our high priority classes.

Raid Schedule [12 hours / week for mythic team]
[Mythic] Tues/Wed/Thurs/Sun - 8:30 to 11:30 pm central (9:30 to 12:30 pm est)
[Heroic] Saturday- Open to our heroic team raiders, mythic raiders, and mythic raider alts. run 8:30 central to 11:00. This team full clears heroic easily as well.
[Normal] Friday open to anyone 8:30 central to 10:00.

Where to apply:
Applications be be submitted on our Google Form here :
forms.gle/jkfbHaTzqWP4BBBt5 (copy and paste link in web browser of your choice)

We accomplished our milestone goal of achieving Famed Slayer of N’Zoth for Alliance. We are now looking towards bolstering our roster with top tier raiders/reclearing City/sales to finish out BFA. We also are always recruiting social, normal, and heroic raiders.


We always recruit normal and heroic only raiders for our normal and heroic raids. We have many awesome less hardcore players that join us for heroic and normal to learn from our mythic raiders. This is a very active and thriving guild. Our raiders do not just log on to raid.

Guild Goals: We are pushing aggressively for Hall of Fame/Famed Slayer/Sub 100 US in 8.3 Ny’alotha raid [SUCCESSFUL] and going forward. We show marked improvement every single raid tier. We set our goals and then we do what it takes to meet them. We do meet our goals. Period. We started antorus 5 months late and burned our way through cutting edge Antorus. We easily achieve cutting edge every raid tier. This IS a famed slayer raiding guild with structure and organization that is dedicated to constant improvement that considers complacency our enemy.

All of our mythic raiders complete at least 1 15 key or higher per week for maximum mythic plus cache loot as well as maintain their neck and cloaks, farm mythic plus outside of raid times, and not only study our in-guild strategies but perform their own personal log and vod research out of raid hours.

More about the guild: This is a semi-hardcore mythic progression focused guild first and foremost. We are an extremely active guild, the most active on the server, and more active than most servers/guilds. Our people do not just log on for raids once or twice a week. Our average age range is 21-33. We enjoy PvP- arenas, rbgs, bgs, wpvp, Mythic+, achievements. We have a very laid back but like to get stuff done kind of atmosphere when it is not raid time. When it is raid time, we get focused and serious and competitive in a non toxic results oriented manner. Very active and supportive guild filled with awesome human beings. Our raiders are competitive players always striving to better themselves. Cauldrons/repairs/vantus runes are provided for all progression raiding. We constantly analyze logs and push for improvement. We do not settle for mediocrity in any of our members so by being a part of this guild you will become a better player and person. This is just a small taste of our guild. Please contact an officer to have any questions or concerns addressed.

Where to apply:
Applications be be submitted on our Google Form here :
forms.gle/jkfbHaTzqWP4BBBt5 (copy and paste link in web browser of your choice)

If you’re interested in raiding with us and have any questions or would just like to join the guild feel free to contact Nebulaphobia, our recruitment officer.^

BTag: Ashe#1789

Discord: Ashie#6243

In Game: Nebbie-Stormrage

Wet Wet 12/12h Horde Malganis
LFM to join our guild . Our goal is to create an environment where EVERYONE can have fun, meet new friends, and raid in a laid back, yet competitive atmosphere. Our ultimate raiding goal is to create a core team this tier and clear CE in SL, and the tiers following.
Once we have the numbers we will be progging mythic(We are currently close to a full 20). We are mostly 3/12m.

Mythic + is always something we do when we are not raiding. We have a few members ranging from 1700-2k+ io)

Raid times - Friday 8-11 PM EST.

  • Saturday 7-10 PM EST.
    PM me @Haunted #1365

Raiders R Us on US-Zul’jin is recruiting players of all roles to finish out the tier and get right into the next tier afterwards.

Recruiting players who still have interest in World of Warcraft, and enjoy bettering their characters for their own sake and the raid teams sake. We’re honest with people about mistakes and performance, and expect our players to take criticism well. We’re looking for players who share our team mentality, and as long as you’re outgoing and interested in playing the game with us, you’ll be happy playing here.

We do well for 9 hours a week and expect players to push themselves even harder. We could be doing even better. M+ is a focus of our group as well.

We’re currently trialing a few bodies, our responses to apps might be later than usual.

We’re looking for Healers , and DPS roles. We are interested in anyone who is geared and ready to start pushing Mythic content.

7:00 pm - 10:00 pm EST

We would love to hear from you if you feel that you would be a good fit for us.
Please feel free to reach out to me, the healing lead. wam#11325