[A] AOTC 433 Warlock Looking for Weekend Mythic Raiding/ M+ Guild

Hello, I am looking for a preferably Alliance Weekend Mythic Raid/ M+ Guild. Recently my guild has gone quiet and I am ready to move to another. I am mainspec Destruction offspec Affliction. I am a quick learner and can take criticism well. Also, I have Discord. Thank you for reading, hope to see you soon.

COS: 2/2 (AOTC)

Ilvl: 433 Lvl 58 HOA
Discord: Astoricals #8356

would you be interested in sat/sun 7-10pm est i know you said weekend just wanted to check ur times.

Hello hello!
We’d love to have you for one of our raiding teams. We also do M+ almost daily!
Come check us out on discord. We’d love to chat sometime!

Order of Azeroth is a brand new alliance guild aspiring to create a community with a focus on PVE.
US- Kel-Thuzad

We are finalizing our teams for a semi-hardcore raiding team as well as a casual team:

  1. A progressive 2-3 day dedicated semi-hardcore raiding team. We are looking for dps (prefer ranged), 1 tank, and healers (non-restoration druids).
  2. A casual raiding team. We are recruiting all roles currently.

Check out our discord if you’d like to chat sometime: