(A) 478 ilvl Holy Priest 6/12M LFG

Class/Spec: Holy Priest


Cleared: 6/12M Nya, 7/8M EP, 7/9M BoD, 8/8M CE Uldir US128, Antorus 11/11M CE

Btag: Athiee#1576 (Discord: Athiee#7231)

Raiderio: https:// raider. io/characters/us/dalaran/Athiee

Logs: https:// warcraftlogs. com/character/id/38743546

Armory: https:// worldofwarcraft. com/en-us/character/us/dalaran/athiee

Availability: Everyday 7PM to 11:30PM EST

Contact me for more details or to answer any questions!

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Hi Athiee,

Pandamonium is an Alliance 9/12m guild on Magtheridon that might be looking to bolster its healing ranks just a bit to finish off our CE push and into Shadowlands. If you’re interested, here’s the spam:

Good luck finding your new home!

Hi there Athiee. Transcendent 4/12M 12/12H Newly transfered to Zul’Jin is recruiting to fill out our core roster for Mythic progression in Ny’alotha and forward. We are a Semi-Hardcore progression guild aiming to achieve Cutting Edge by end of tiers.

Raid Times
Tues 10PM - 1AM EST

Weds 10PM - 1AM EST

Thurs 10PM - 1AM EST

We start forming raid at 9:45PM EST and expect EVERYONE to be in raid by 10PM.

Raider Expectations
We expect all our raiders to come into raid with a progression based mindset. To come prepared, this means knowing the fights, being on time and having an understanding of your class/spec.

We supply all our raiders with Flask and Consumables.

Roster Needs

Holy Pally - HIGH NEED


Will consider ALL exceptional players regardless of roster needs!!

Contact Us!
Cobains, GM - hamster#11650 ~ BNET, hamsterhiatus#9997 DISCORD

Squid, Recruitment Officer - RuckFoyal#1273 ~BNET

Slandor, RL - BigChungus#1280 ~BNET

Meta, Officer - molo#1476

Bob, Officer - NightKnight#137637

Thank you, but looking to stay Alliance =)

Guild Name: Ruiner

Server: Stormrage

Faction: Alliance

Mythic Raid Days: Tuesday, Wednesday
Heroic Raid Day: Thursday

Times: 10:00pm - 1:30am EST

Current Progress: 12/12H–4/12M Ny’Alotha

Current Recruitment:
Mythic- 460 ilvl requirement: Holy Priest, MW Monk, Holy Paladin, Any exceptional DPS
Heroic 445 ilvl requirement: All classes and spec

RUINER ” is an Alliance guild on the Stormrage (US-EST) server. We are currently 4/12m Ny’Alotha and we are committed to raiding 2 days a week. (7 hours a week) in our mythic team. We do heroic runs every other Thursday and encourage everyone to come. Our focus is Mythic content, with M+ on the side. not a CE guild. Our main goal is to surround ourselves with like minded players, who understand their classes and enjoy our company. If you bring a great attitude we will find a spot for you!!! We are active most in the late night time slot and run keys well into the morning hours regularly.

Please Contact Me to Apply
Dynast-Ruiner Recruitment Officer
Battlenet: mudaklol#1646
Discord: Dynast#6743