[A][H] 479 12/12M Dpriest LF weekend(fri/sat) guild!

After getting CE, alot of my guildies stopped playing/quit. We talked about rebuilding on horde but that fell through :frowning: Since then I’ve mostly just helped guilds progressing in Heroic to give them alittle help wondering what I would be doing for SL.

My limitations are: My work schedule changes every 4-6 months so although I can make any raid days/times right now, I might not be able to in the future. The only days that never change would be weekend, specifically friday and saturday.

Can only raid on weekend(Friday/Saturday) any times.
Can be horde or alliance, leaning towards going back Horde(my original home!)

I’m looking for a guild that has a laid-back attitude where you can joke around and people don’t yell at others. Constructive criticism is one thing, berating other adults over a game is another. I had to deal with that back in cata/mop when i raided top 15 US and thats not something I’m looking for anymore. That wants to progress in mythic and is active and social, friendly(ingame and discord). It’s always nice that you can just jump in discord to chill and hang out even if its not raid time :slight_smile:

Cutting Edge would be nice but not a deal breaker. 10-11/12M please feel free to reach out :slight_smile: If i enjoy the people I play with, CE is secondary to my priorities.

I just want a guild that makes me want to log in to enjoy the time with the GUILD, not to feel like it’s a job to get my toon up to date. If this is you, please leave a message here. And if you’re not a bot who just pastes their info without actually reading this I will add you on bnet or discord. Thank you all for considering me.

bumpity bump

bump. still looking for a place to call home!

Hey there. NFA is 6/8 mythic this tier, CE for Uldir and BoD. We are looking for a healer for Nyalotha and disc priest would be ideal as we don’t have one. We raid fri/sat 7:30-10:30 Pacific time on Lightbringer Alliance. We are not bleeding edge but our goal is still CE. I can answer any questions you have. Pocket#11698 if you wanna add me on bnet or Pocket#2056 on discord. Or just msg here, whichever you want, if you wanna know more.

Kaam is that you?? We’re Saturday Sunday. Shoot me an add if you can make those times. Emg#11389

Bump looking for a home!

This is such a late bump I almost thought a recruiter posted without looking at the date. So to confirm you are still looking? Are Sundays a no-go? Here’s our information if you are interested:

Bump. Was waiting to see what my old guild was going to do and that fell through so I’m officially looking! Hope to talk to you all soon :slight_smile:

bump. also will be playing resto druid along with my healing priest for SL

still looking for that perfect home with my new family!

still looking! hope to talk to you soon!

Hey Kaamila. Add up my bnet! Would love to chat! Frozen#1151