[H] 447 Veng DH LF Raiding/M+ Guild

Looking for a guild that’s actively trying to push CE for TEP as well as M+.

I’m 3/8 Mythic and 1.7k IO.

Pref raid schedule to be M-F @6-10pm pst Or anytime on Saturday/Sunday.

Leave info here and I’ll reach out to you.

hey would you be interested in going alliance?

Hey, we’re actively looking for a main tank right now.

Our hours are: 8-11 PM PST (hopefully that hour past 10 is ok) T/Thurs/Sun

We’re 4/8 right now, Horde, Hyjal, Excidiorum. We also do M+, pvp, and alt runs on the side.

Hit me up if you’re interested: Discord: Rummie#1477, bnet: rummie#1853

Thanks for the offer but I’d prefer to stay horde.

Thanks for the offer as well but unfortunately those times won’t work for me. I’d prefer raid to end at 9pm PST with 10pm being the absolute latest. Thank you though.

Still looking.