[A] 444 Ret Paladin LF CE Oriented Raiding


I’ve recently taken a break from raiding due to not finding a raiding team that was a good fit and was on a decent schedule for me. I’ve taken a break and I’m ready to raid again.

I took about a break of 6-8 weeks from raiding and in that time got 4/8M EP (Ashvane pre-nerf). I left my previous team due to a schedule in conflict and the team not being CE oriented.

So here’s what I’m looking for:

  • MUST be alliance
  • A raid team that has structured leadership that is CE focused
  • 2-3 day raid schedule (Progression, not farm nights)
  • Raid times can extend anywhere from the 5PM - 10:30PM EST. I would be open to extending this a bit for the right guild.

Drop me your contact info below so we can have a chat. I can provide logs upon request as well (All logs are purple+ for overall and ilvl).

Current Prog:
3/8M EP
8/8H EP
8/8N EP

We are a semi-hardcore guild. Our guild is progression oriented, and we have mythic+ groups that are always running and looking to get a key sale group together. As we are a two-month-old guild, our goal for 8.2.5 is to get as close to CE as we can get prior to 8.3. That being said, for 8.3 we are aiming to be a top 50 guild on our realm, Stormrage. More long term, our goal for 9.0 is to be a top 100 guild in the world.

We look to have fun and progress with the Ultimate Goal being to achieve CE.
We value Mechanics above all else. This is NOT a parse driven culture Guild. We would rather kill prog bosses with mechanics executed correctly and have our Raiders parse grey rather than have them die because they were trying to parse gold. Trying to parse high is for farm content.

If we trial you, we want you to experience the fights. We will make every effort to get you in almost right away so you at least 20 mins of experience on the current prog boss.

Note: All Raiders are expected to come prepared to Raid!! This means you NEED to have 40+ Pots, 20+ Augement Runes. Food,Flasks, Vantus Runes and Repairs will be provided by the Guild.

Raid Times:

  • Wed 8-11pm EST / 7-10pm CST
  • Thurs 8-11pm EST / 7-10pm CST
  • Tues 8-11pm EST / 7-10pm CST for the first 4-5 weeks of a new Raid Tier.
  • Sun 8-11pm EST / 7-10pm CST optional Heroic runs, Once Tues raids are over.

Age 18+ (Some exceptions made), ILVL 435+, HoA LvL 63+
Angry Assignments, Weak Auras, Bigwigs/DBM, and details
Able to accept and give constructive criticism.

Mithlock (DPS Officer): On BNet - Mith#11423; On Discord - Mithlynn#0810
Epicmonkee (GM and Raid Lead): On BNet - MyLife4Aiur#1333; On Discord - Epicphantom#6202

would you be interested in sat/sun 7-10pm est?

Hey there! If you are available to raid on the weekends then maybe we could be a fit for you. Check out our website and see the long history, if you like what you see then feel free to drop and application or reach out! Thanks for your time–Ratt

Raid times: 3:00PM to 7:00PM EST on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Current Progression: 9/9M BoD, 7/8M TEP

Current recruitment needs are the following:

Healer positions opened for any of the following:

  • Holy Paladin
  • Restoration Shaman
  • Disc Priest

Ranged DPS positions opened for any of the following:

  • Mage
  • Hunter
  • Shadow Priest

Melee positions opened for any of the following:

  • Frost DK
  • Rogue
  • Retribution Paladin

VANQUISH is an ancient guild with a long raiding history which can be found on our website @ www.vqguild. net by clicking the “History” tab in the top right!

We are currently the #1 2-day a week raiding guild on Sargeras, and one of the top weekend raiding guilds that World of Warcraft has to offer! Our raids begin at 3:00PM EST (invites at 2:30) and end at 7:00PM EST on Saturdays and Sundays each week. Because of our limited raid schedule, we are only interested in recruiting players who excel at understanding boss mechanics, are able to perform efficiently in a raid setting, and whom are able to avoid lethal raid mechanics while playing their character well. New recruits are also expected to have near 100% raid attendance during their trial period.

Each week raiding members are expected to prepare for the upcoming weekend raid by making sure they have enough consumables (food, flasks, and potions) for the 8 hour raid week. Researching and understanding upcoming fights, or current progression encounters, is also expected to take place prior to raid days.

Our guild community and general raid atmosphere is something very valuable to us. If you’re a consistently negative person, or someone with a generally bad attitude, this guild will not be a good fit for you. We do take our raiding time seriously though, and having “thin skin” will not serve you well.

Overall, VANQUISH is a performance-based guild. We expect people to play well and maintain respectable logs of encounters each week. Failure to do so will eventually get new recruits demoted to a non-raiding rank in our guild.

New recruits who are unable to maintain their raid attendance will not pass the trial period. If you have computer issues, internet issues, or outside commitments that would prevent you from making our raid times, this guild will not be a good fit for you.

If you have any specific questions or concerns about the application process, contact our GM @ Onslaught#1285 or Hut#1499 on BNet, or Onslaught#7682 or Ratt#7057 on Discord

Hi Thydris. We’d love to add a solid ret to our core, and our raid times definately work for you, would like to chat.

<The Veil> 4/8M 8/8H is a raiding guild on Stormrage-US. We aim to push progression within a competitive 2-day (6 hour) schedule while still maintaining a fun and positive atmosphere. We treat each other with respect, seek high performance, excellent game-play and a positive attitude. Drama and toxic behavior are not tolerated here.

Raiding only 2 nights a week means we want our players to be the best they can be. Our members have families, careers, and studies, so we need to take the 6 hours we spend together seriously.

We also run Mythic + most days of the week. For some of us pushing high level keys is our primary WoW focus, but we also strive to make sure our raiders are getting their capped weekly rewards.

Raid Schedule:

Tuesday: 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm (EST/server time)
Thursday: 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm (EST/server time)

Optional: Farm content re-clears (pending participation)

You must be able to reliably make the core raid nights with near 100% attendance. Real life does occasionally hit even the most reliable raider, all we ask is for as much notice as possible.

Current Needs:

We strive for an environment that takes the challenges of mythic raiding seriously while giving the content the respect it deserves. Our aim is, as all mythic teams, full clear of content but with always keeping the friendly spirit of camaraderie alive. We do not require mythic raid experience to join our team but we do expect mythic-level dedication and accountability from all of our raiders. You must be able to take constructive criticism and have ownership over your level of play, and be willing to put in the effort to be a contribution to the team.

We want someone that is going to put forth their best effort. This means knowing your class inside and out, coming to raid prepared with food, flask, runes, re-roll tokens, knowledge of upcoming encounters and your role within them. We are looking for someone who can think on their own and follow a strategy without being constantly reminded throughout the encounter.

Heals – preference for Holy pally or Resto shammy

Ranged DPS – all (preference for boomkin, warlock)

Melee DPS – all (preference for DH, WWmonk, ret paly)

Tanks – preference for dk, paladin, warrior

Exceptional players of any class should always feel free to apply. Our roster is somewhat flexible so we will never turn away a great player. We just want the best 20+ people in our raid so we can progress.

What we expect from you:

** Discord and a working mic is a requirement **

  • Be punctual, reliable, and competent
  • Have a good attitude towards raiding. While we do our best to have fun, our goal is to use our time efficiently and effectively.
  • Have the ability to take constructive criticism. We all make mistakes but repeating mistakes is the bane of progression. Understand your mistakes, learn from them and fix them.
  • Bring consumables: We expect raiders to bring flasks, potions, and some food in case we don’t provide feasts. While we may not pre-pot or food buff on initial pulls, it is expected that during serious attempts, all raiders are maximizing their output.

Our trial period is 2-3 weeks and in that time we consider a several factors - Performance, Situational Awareness, and Fit/Attitude/Attendance. Performance is your output (DPS/healing/threat). Situational Awareness is your ability to not take unnecessary damage and correctly execute fight mechanics. Fit/Attitude/Attendance is how well you fit in with the guild, your outlook on raiding, and your reliability in raids.

Please contact an officer for further information.

In-game: Cattiari | Btag: quirk#1650 | Discord: tipsqueak#6606

In-game: Deathtoany | Btag: cloud82#11941 | Discord: cloud82#5884

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to meeting some great new recruits!

Ill be reaching out to the ones im interested in tomorrow evening. Keep an eye out.

Agents Of Change

We are currently 4/8M and looking to fill a couple dps spots lost to classic . Our main goal is pushing CE while not being a toxic group.

Agents of Change is a stable, no drama, adult guild that’s been raiding since 2008. We are always looking for solid, talented players who wish to be part of a friendship based raiding group with a serious progression oriented attitude.

We are serious players with a casual yet committed attitude. Agents members are an eclectic mix of ages, pasts, futures, educations, careers, philosophies, and locations. The greater majority of our members have been with us for years. We are not a high turnover guild, in leadership or in membership. Our leadership core has been consistent since the guild began raiding and our members leave the guild very rarely, mostly due to life changes.

Agents of Change raids on average 50 weeks out of the year. The main progression group runs Tue/Wed/Thu from 7:00-9:30 server (CST). On a rare occasion an off night raid will be thrown in if a major new boss kill is imminent. Our alt group runs Sundays.

If you are looking for a group that values friendship, but also has the skills to down bosses. Please check out our website.


<ins>AND</ins> talk to Lacei (Lace#1242), Aerox (Aerox#11917), NOS (Nos#1911) or any other officer!

Our Discord link is: discordapp.com/invite/svppxwm

If you have any questions, please reply here or hit one of us up!

Hey, 6/8 Mythic guild here!

We are a mythic progression orientated guild who enjoys playing together and we would like to add a few stellar players to join our competitive DPS team on our path to CE in a non-toxic environment.

Raid times: Tues/Weds/Thur 9:00-11:30 (EST)

Outside of that we have a lively community, always welcoming friends/casuals, which enjoys PvP and M+. We do a fun heroic on Friday night.

We’d like 2 more DPS and 1 healer.

Shadow Priest
Demon Hunter
Death Knight

Always interested in exceptional players of any class or role

Please Contact us on Battle net