6/12M Player LF Weekend Raiding


I am currently seeking a weekend (Saturday, Sunday evening) raiding guild. My current xp is 6/12M with 8/12 XP.

I am looking to boost a character and willing to fill any role. I have raided at high calibers of raiding since vanilla. I currently main a UH/BDK, but was more or less strong armed into maining it this tier.

Will provide contact information to any prospective guild.

Hope to see you soon!

I’d like to chat. Discord: GrumpyGamer#8110

Sent friend request

Hey Peanut,

Sorry you got strong-armed into playing a class. We understand that it might take a little bit for you to get a boosted toon up to raiding par, but it sounds like you’re serious about it. Pandamonium raids weekend nights and is currently looking for a rogue or ranged dps. Here’s the spam:

Just sent a bnet request.

Ill leave our spam here - we have a few openings at a few classes as we get back at it. We have been back together as a guild for around a month and are progging pretty quick. Ill leave our general spam here as it has my btag, if you are interested just hit me up

Newly reformed guild made by Cutting Edge raiders. Leadership of guild has been raiding content since the beginning of game, Obtained CE level things before it was CE (Immortal title).

Core of previous guild coming back, just need to fill out ranks to return to raiding. Looking for players who can be efficient, and have fun. We are all too busy to raid a lot, so we must raid well to get CE.

Raid times: Sat/Sun 7-11 pm server time.

Battletag Vycos#1655

We have started to push mythics, and are looking for a few more players who are mythic ready to join the team.

High needs of mage/Shaman/Holy paladin