Finding out your trust level

Since I’ve been seeing this question quite a bit on here, here’s the method of figuring it out.

Finding your profile
There is several ways to find it.
  1. Click on your avatar in the upper right corner and then click on your character name.
  2. Left-click on your name on any post, click on “view activity”.

Go into your profile page, remove anything after your name-realm and then add “.json” to the end of your name-realm like this:

It’ll bring you to a page that looks like a bunch of gibberish. Do a ctrl+f or do a find and search that page for “trust_level” and the one with the highest number is your current trust level. There will be multiple “trust_level” results with different numbers as it includes each level you have obtained, so the highest numbered one is your current level.

So for example, performing this on my json page will show that I’m currently trust level 3.

Click to show example


Some information about the different levels and the quick overview on how to get:

Level 1: Takes very little time. Less than a hour of casual browsing and posting.

Level 2: Takes about two weeks of daily visiting with casual forum usage.

  • Make wiki posts

Level 3: Takes about two months of daily/near daily visiting and read 20+k posts. An important note about this level is that all of the activity must of taken place within the past 100 days.

  • Ability to post gifs, embedded videos, outside links.
  • Make wiki posts.

As with everything, behaving is important and giving out likes to posts you feel that deserve said likes.

Click here for more details on Trust Levels

Good luck and happy hunting!
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Hmm this does seem to work. Thanks for the tip :+1:



Thanks for that.


mine shows both trust level 0 and trust level 1, strange.


Helpful. Thank you for this. :unicorn:


That is normal so nothing to worry about.


Well, I met all the criteria and I am still at zero.


Since I’m on mobile, I’ll stick to guessing based upon what I can post, but I’m certain this is very useful for people who are reading from their PC!

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I’d check for ya but you seem to have made profile hidden.

Obligatory: “An illusion what are you hiding!”


What’s the criteria for gaining trust levels?


You can just armory him.

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I’m not sure about the exact numbers for 1 and 2, but the real goal is level 3 which involves visiting the forums something like 50 days of the past 100, viewing 20k posts that were made within the past 100 days.

I’ll have to see if I can find the other criteria.

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Okay Ive turned it back on…try now. :grinning:

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They reeeally should of added a visual present on the forum post+profile somewhere. It feels like this isn’t how it was meant to be known, cause you’re essentially doing some elementary website inspecting.

If they needed ideas then why couldn’t they just add borders around our avatars? with each level granting you a new border?


You are level 1 so you’re good.


hacker voice I’m in


It was showing up as hidden before and same with .json. But I think they changed it as it does show public now and their trust level is at 1.


You are level 1 so you’re good.

I promise to spare the next gnome I meet in your honour.

But only that one.:joy:

Seriously…thank you.

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That worked out well, thanks.

Now, if they could only add this to the Summary page so it was readily available without having to use this sort of trick.

And ideally it would be great if Blizz would add in an achievement like progress tracker to show where you are towards the next trust level on the Summary page, too.

/moo :cow:


Worked like a charm, thanks for the info.

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