Nice pvp hotfixes blizzard

What about me on demon hunter? Just run right at em…


See this is when I miss my Rank 3 status. I should of never ventured into general chat.

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Cursed Gif

Never ever go there. If you get banned can you ever get rank 3 back?

Is this why I don’t have R3? Because I’ve been banned?

Probably, heard it hurts you big time.

Haha fkn communist Russia over here. They could suck my rank 3s. Both of them!

I’m not sure if you can earn it back. But as for now if you get a “forum vacation” because people flag your posts then you lose it or are restricted from ever getting it. I guess time will tell if it falls off or not after 30-90days etc and I’ll know.

Click the little rank explaination it outlines the levels well.

90% of my bans came from the Classic forum. They really do not mess around there. The others were legit from hyper-sensitive SJW mods that aren’t intelligent enough to differentiate between things like “racism” and talking factually about a countries internet infrastructure.

Yes. That combined with the 20k posts read in the last 30 days, which you need to maintain is what usually stops most people. Look at the link I put above.

SJW’s are the forum PvP equivalent of RMX and DK/DH. Super unfortunate.


I lost it and got it back but it was hard… i had to post every day, say nice things, reply to trolls. It was rough

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After getting banned though?

Yea i actually ate 2 bans, 1 for actually just getting pissesd about sub and calling blizzard out and 1 for language.

I think it depends on the crime. I was flagged as trolling. It’s different when the system automatically ‘times you out’ for saying something it catches versus players directly reporting you.

I know this because I got a 3 day time out for saying something related to “party favors” that the system caught me on :smirk:

Interesting. I really thought a ban sealed the deal for life basically. I guess there’s hope, but there’s no way I am working to maintain the ability to post gifs. You should get it and that’s it you have it forever. Reminds me of these horrendous professional “certifications” that expire. I’ll Just have to live with only being able to embed youtube clips.

wow now im really unhappy about that forum vacation I got for referring to Roosters as, uhm, you know. SEEMS KIND OF PETTY BLIZZ LET ME POST GIFS

death strikes could use a nerf

yeah i know some combos can just range them to death but a lotta combos got basically no choice but to let them have their death strikes

all dps and hybrid heals need a heavy nerf during pvp combat

Enhance and a few others would like to have a word regarding its heals being worse than DK. The fact that DPS classes without any healing specs can heal for more than a “hybrid” which can spec heals is comical. If the “hybrids” heals don’t count anymore since everyone can heal themselves (sorry Arms warriors) then they should buff defensive son a few specs.

Granted, blitz would probably screw it up and not manage to balance the trade off of heal or dps as said “hybrid” so they’d end up obscenely op or just bad.

im not happy about into what my threads envolve