I'm on an epic quest

To reach Trust level 3, who will aid me in my adventure? :wink:


I couldn’t be of any help, because I’m not even sure how I got TL3. Me, of the checkered past.

But… uh… here.



Good luck! :smiley:


You’re not in beta?

I’m not important enough to get an invite :frowning:

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Aww I’m sorry. :slightly_frowning_face:

You are unworthy [Insert evil laughter here]

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how do i test my trust level?

Way to find it is here:


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You can do it! :blue_heart:

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alright I’ll join…
do i have to slay a dragon?

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You know that tab on the main page of the forums, the one that says “Unread”?

You have to “read” those. Then you have to live on the forums.

It’s not worth it.

Beta gives this power? Huh.


Indeed! One of my friends let me know about it. :smiley:

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You can see it in your summary now too. Member is tl2 and regular is tl3

/cheers Dreadmoon on and provides cookies for the quest!


The thing with Trust Level 3 is even when you’re absolutely sure that you meet all the requirements, you’re still not Level 3.

I think you need to read lots. and post lots. and be here lots.

Welcome back, I figured you already had TL3.