Classic characters in the forums

Please restrict classic characters to the classic section of the forums. It’s very jarring to have players come and use their low lvl classic alts to troll in other sections of the forums. There is zero reason for classic characters to be actively posting in the retail PvP / BG / arena sections.

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As long as trust level exists, get used to it.

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A lot of inflated trust level 3’s were created because beta access default gives you it, that will be gone soon.

Ugh, no wonder I could post a link yesterday. This is the only character I have that’s anywhere near TL3, so that’s my story. If my classic avatar had TL3 then I’d use that everywhere too.

Anyway. Really think this issue isn’t going anywhere. :frowning:

Well when you lose it because of beta access being gone at launch. Here’s how you can work to get it back :slight_smile:

Finding out your trust level

Click on the drop down “more details for trust levels”

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I don’t see a problem with it as long as we can also restrict retail characters to retail sections of the forums only.

If it were any different then that would just be blatant hypocrisy.

That would be 100% fine. I don’t see a purpose to having retail characters in this section either :yum:

Guess I should of posted on my lvl 60 classic char hahah

This is a good impression of a useless thread from November 2019.

The irony of posting this on a retail character in the classic forums. People on the forums are so caught up on avatars. Its sad to watch

Posted here because the blizz community manager told me to :man_shrugging:

Otherwise I would use a suggestion section, but that doesn’t seem to exist on the forums

I’ll post on which ever character is logged in. Pay my Sub and maybe i’ll use another character. until then :baby_bottle: :baby_bottle: :baby_bottle: :baby_bottle:

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I once again asking you for your support and your trolling. Druids are treated unfairly. Druid on Druid crime is killing our communities.


We get people posting on their Retail chars and trolling here in the Classic forums all the time as well. However, there are some people who I really respect here who post on their Retail chars so I’m not really for restrictions in general.

Your posting on your Retail character on the Classic forums is interesting though, as others have said. I see that it this thread was moved though.

As I said, I was told by a customer service rep to post here. Not my idea.

There is no official “suggestions” section on the forums :man_shrugging:

Soo what Blizzard is saying then is Classic wow forums have actual support?

I read the blue post and it sounded like he thought if you posted here you could talk directly to the people doing it. I don’t know. He did say to post here so you are right in that.

He also said that they don’t intend to restrict the characters who post on forums so that’s your answer.

The trolling is annoying in general but it doesn’t matter what character posts it. If it’s really bad you can report. In general I just assume that every new character I see could very well be someone I’ve talked to in the past who wants to either hide or just post on a different character for whatever reason.

Or, and here’s a crazy idea but hear me out…

…change the Profile page to contain links to all of that players’ alts.

Also another fine idea. The reason classic was fun back in the day was the reputation you built on your characters, in your specific server. I wish people on the forums were also accountable for the reputation they create here, instead of hiding behind a faceless alt.


I hear you. Restricting which forum can be accessed based on characters wouldn’t bug me if not for the fact that the WoW forums separate notifications based on which character you have selected.

It bugs me having to change which character I’m displaying just to see if someone has replied to me somewhere. The forums definitely have some unusual design decisions, imo.