Goodbye Trust lvl 3

can i have my trust lvl 2 back on this guy or my account in general; I’m not getting l3 due to the fact I got forum banned a while ago

prob should’ve added i ended up swapping my toon from MG to sargeras and lost everything :frowning:

trying to earn trust levels like


They just have to switch characters.

Honestly, I didn’t realize I had reached level 3 prior to this thread prompting me to check the json. At least I can use links now when I answer questions while trying to point people in the right direction. :smiley:

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Maybe this is a dumb question, but how can you check your trust level?

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Another dumb question. Why can’t the value just be displayed on our profile page? Seems easy enough to add a field using a search string looking for a value between 0 and 3 referencing the .json extension.


Not having trust level 3 is like a badge of honor.

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Don’t let an arbitrary thing like a trust level define you, OP.

Rolls will save to resist urge to meme, rolls a natural 1

“I’VE SACRIFICED EVERYTHING! what have you sacrificed”

Rolls a 20


What is trust level?

There have been reports dating back months that something as simple as a name change will destroy your trust level because the forums will wipe your history. If your name is Fred and you namechange to Bob, all threads created under “Fred” cannot be seen when checking the activity of Bob, even though it’s the same toon.

It would appear the trust level functionality of this forum, initially designed for a totally different experience with the overwatch and Hearthstone forums, is struggling to be compatible with WoW’s feature of posting from different alts and having something as crucial as a toon’s name essentially exist as a variable.


I don’t know my TL or how to add gifs - lemme try too.

Aww - I think that’s just the vid.

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They thought it would be cool to have forum RNG as well, (Blizz sure knows how to make things fun around here :roll_eyes: ) but be careful to not anger the forum babies or you go back to zero status.

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One day I’ll be able to post cat gifs

One day


Having trust levels being character bound:


I mean… maybe you shouldn’t make fun of people.

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