Can use my classic toon on forum finally

No, it means I can put links and vids and such in posts.

Now… the question is can we use these toons to troll retail forums every time we are stuck in a queue?

Huh looks like it works.

Wondered how people could do that yet I couldn’t… guess it’s not based on age of account.

Assuming that has something to do with the forums, I would imagine that would be account bound? But I could see it being character bound. Either way, you could always switch characters and test it real quick.

Suwweeeeeeet awesome

Hey, you never know what you might need.

Just remember… they can run off if you really miss treat the pet…

Sucks when that happens I hear

Yeah had to log out of forums and log back in to post , now that I have a level 10 character. Awesome!

Woohooo I can finally post on these forums now. It wasn’t populating any of my retail characters, and still isn’t, and don’t want to install retail to attempt to fix it. Was hoping I could use my new classic character.
Funny thing is, all my retail characters, they are all from vanilla WoW, they’ve only known classic, never bought any expansion packs with them. They’d fit right into modern classic. Lol.

It’s the Trust Level of the account. It depends on how many posts you read, make and reply to. Also, you can’t have been banned from the forums.

Here’s a good post on it:

I agree it should be account bound, but it’s character bound. If I log into the forums with another character, like my Classic one, I’m back to TL0.

Only way to build it up is to start posting again…

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So, all we can see is a generic WoW icon and post history?

No character profiles?

Mine is above level 10 but I can’t find it :frowning:

Does anyone know if they’re going to make classic profiles available?

Or do you think that would create too much ‘conflict’ (“YOUR GEAR SUXXORZ, NOOB!!!”)?

I logged out and back in and it worked for me. Yay!

How do you even check that?

i posted a link with info earlier, I think there’s a way to check there. Or you can try this:

Seems to me Blizzard can make it easier by just posting it next to your name or in your profile.

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Something updated lately, as I now have my Classic character showing on posts =)