Links in my posts

Why am constantly told that I can’t include links in my posts and threads?


You have to be trust level 3 before you can add links. This forum thread explains how to check your trust level.


BTW old Strategy guides on Blizzard games are not trusted Blizzard sites like Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3. I tried before, and it would just tell me NO!

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If you do want to link something though, you still can using a block quote.

Put a ` (next to the 1 key) at either end of your link and you can post it like so.

It wont be clickable but its less of a hassle of adding a random space in it to post it as text.


I’m guessing that when I said that people should delete everything in their phones and fill them with naughty things for the Blizcon spyware including Photoshoping the devs faces on sexy pictures I went to -9. One for each day of my vacation.

I mean… yeah…?

I tried to find an image about “Trust level 3, in wow”, but could not.

So I’m posting this random infographic instead:

Seems legit.

our house has tvs.

i can’t remember the last time they were used. :laughing:
oh how times change.

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i lost my trust level 3 back in March (72-hour forum silence across my entire account) but earned it back not too long ago (on this character only, my other forum alts are only level 2)

Because you’re Censered.


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I looked up my trust level and it said "Trust Level: WHAT? Are you kidding me, no. Your trust level is NO!’