Solo Qs are rough my dudes

I can agree with this. My point is that the ranking system is especially bad due to the honor curve letting those longest playing individuals extend the grind for anyone behind them.

See I dont think this is true. Just my opinion, but I feel like the majority of players are casual. It’s always been this way. I agree about the honor curve. Its a very busted system and yes the gear rewards attract the hardcore crowd.

See I think what we are seeing is premades are designed to farm PUGs very fast. Often times 6-10min games and they are right back in the Q. Where as when you solo Q and face a PUG the games are often 5x the length around or around 25-35mins.

When you premade you often times face multiple PUGs and a few premades. Where as when you solo Q you often face multiple premades and the occasional PUG.

I think the majority of players are still solo Qing although it they are doing it less and less due to this meta of farming PUGS. I’m hoping this kind of works itself out when AQ arrives due to the honor gear no longer being the absolute BiS, but I wouldnt mind a Change to Qs that would make them somewhat atleast favor putting premades vs premades and pugs vs pugs. I’m not for big overarching changes but its 2020 and some adjustments (as blizz calls them lol) might need to be made.

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I was rank 2 when BGs came out and I finished my pvp grind, so… I dont agree with this sentiment.

Note this is for warriors:

The AQ set is basically outright better than the PVP Epic set (similar offensive stats, much better melee mitigation), so you should target that after R10.

Unless you don’t plan to do AQ for some reason?

Also as far as warriors go, nearly all of our lategame scaling power comes from getting Dark Edge of Insanity and then Corrupted Ashbringer or Might of Menethil as weapons.

There aren’t really that many superior PVP gear upgrades beyond those and a couple other things in Naxx like bracers/belt/ring.

you still want to keep 3 pieces for set bonus though.

I notice that you finished your PvP grind at a nondescript point; so what point do you think you’re making? If someone was trying to grind to r1, did they then finish their PvP grind after 15 kills and therefore the ranking system works perfectly? Get a clue.

I agree.

I’m hoping AQ actually puts a dramatic damper on the premade problem we are having.

I say premade problem because it certainly is just that. It’s to the point that unless you want to do a FULL group you might as well not Q into battlegrounds.

I keep saying this, but I really enjoy PvP. Always has been my biggest interest in WoW. I was excited for all the quirkiness classic PvP has. This old honor system coupled with how competitive people are willing to be for the purplez is terrible lol. The thing is in this form of PvP you arent really given the option to not be as competitive as possible.

I’ll quote myself to reiterate.

Well this will depend on how much over lap there actually is between pve raiders and pvp try hards.

How many of these pvp try hards who are premading will just switch to raiding?

Just speaking about my server, but pretty much all the players in the 300k+ weekly honor brackets are heavy raiders, so I think most are focused on the gear not just for PVP but for PVE as well.

And virtually all of the players in the ranking premades are heavy raiders. So a big part of it is as a means to an end.

They premade explicitly just to grab the gear as fast and efficiently as possible.

I do think that after AQ comes out, a lot of the rationale for the heavy premades that aim for 600+k weekly honor will disappear. And perhaps that will finally fix a lot of the problems in WSG/AB.


For the sake of fairness, even if the raiders aren’t ruining battlegrounds as Hawne suggests:

In my opinion, this is how fairness in the matchmaking system is best achieved.

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you told people not to try if they hadn’t finished already, thats stupid, you’re just a bad player as is clearly evident by your posts. Get a clue.

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Would it be worth asking what rank you currently and historically are or have been in this thread to get a sense of the perspective of statements here?

I don’t usually care about experience, because everyone has a right to contribute their opinions… but we’re talking about ranked BGs… Are you ranked? Why do you care?

What rank are you?

You useless clown. The honor curve has already spiraled out of control. Sitting back and saying vague garbage like “I finished my completely nondescript and noncommittal honor grind, so the system is fine” rings hollow. You’ve effectively said that the honor system is fine because players can queue into bgs and get some amount of honor. You complete dunce.

I never said its fine, I said that people can still complete it, if they so choose. Everyone knows the system is bad, most people expected that to be the case one again, and probably arent the ones crying about it every day.