Trust Levels

Yeah, I’ve heard that several times. Yet, I have met the other requirements and never got TL3. My last vacation was for only 48 hours, over a year ago.

I dunno how the earn-back works, but whatever it is, I haven’t done it yet.

You can use the tilde before and after a link to post it. Not ideal, but it’s something.


And usually a helpful fellow will post the image after.

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Why did you make another thread? All we said you had to do was use something that wasn’t google drive to post a picture for the armor set you’re looking for :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I don’t know how you get it. I’ve been posting here for years and I’ve only been banned once, which was revoked almost immediately after I put in a request asking how the post in question broke any rules. I’m forever a TL2 lol

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The first post has lots of info on Trust Levels.

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You just have to no life it for a bit and read and like a lot of posts, receive some likes and post a topic I think. It has to be maintained also, which hasn’t been hard to do considering the status of the game currently.

Probably short on posts read. You need 20k read on a rolling basis of 100 days. You only have 40k~ read so you probably don’t have 20k within the span of 100 days.

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ugg, I’m clearly terrible at linking stuff

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Lol if it requires that much more than what I already do, I’m good. Don’t need it.

Find a 20k response thread, lock your mouse and scroll down.

You’re not linking the image address, you’re linking google search results looks like.


There ya go. ~ that’s the link, you used it from google search or something rather than the direct link. It has to end in jpg or gif maybe png or other pic file types.

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Seriously? That’s unfortunate.

What are you referring to exactly?

One can still post a link to an image regardless of trust level, but it wont pop up.

Wrong. I tried putting a link to an image in Imgur to try to identify a staff I saw…but I got a message that said I was not allowed to post links.

You put ` at either end and… Voila! Link ready for anyone to copy/paste. Lots of players with TL3 go around reposting links so the image will pop right up in the next post.

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when the previous forum format came up just before Cataclysm, there was a way to link game items by database ID, unfortunately, by around Warlords they nixed that functionality

like this?

Yes. Works just fine.