Trust Level One Trusted Image Hosting Sites?

There is a lack of information on what a Trust Level One can post as far as “trusted links” on these forums, but my greatest interest is in where do Trust Level One post their image links from? If you are thinking Imgur, nope, already tried that. Postimage . org, nope. I cant bring myself to use photobucket, it’s useless with that watermark, which they require premium to remove. Any other Trust Level One folks out there interested in finding out what we can and cannot use at this limited level?

Pretty sure trusted links are just stuff like wowhead or other Blizzard-related sites.

If you want to post links, surround them with the ` character (above tab button).



I know YouTube/WoWhead are trusted sites.

Outside that, I’m not really sure.

Like Wigglytuff said, your best bet is to use the formatting they suggested. It will allow you to post links without having to edit the URL.

Only they won’t be live links, we just need to copy/paste into a browser instead.

Twitter / reddit too i think you can use. Not sure though


Thanks for bringing these up, although they are resources for those working with the trust levels themselves, they still don’t exactly provide a complete list of what is allowed for a trust level one to post.

To Wigglytüff-stormrage

An interesting and useful trick, at least it gets the link shared I suppose, but I am looking to make the images show up as images, not links, live or otherwise.

It says on the official stickied post:


They can post links and video links to trusted sites, the only trust level that can post images directly (and not just a link to an image) is trust level 3:

So if less than three, you have to do a link, which the best way is the mentioned ` route above, so you can link something without having you or the person viewing have to mess with it like adding spaces and such.