New User can't reply?

Why is there a limit on the number of replies on the forums I can have in a thread when I’m a “New User”? I’ve been subbed for well over a year, I’m by no means new.

Related to the forums, you are. Everyone whom come to the forums starts from point 1 and work themselves up the trust system.

Here’s al ink on what each trust level gives a player.


Seems silly, changed characters and was able to reply to a thread. Thanks for explaining this so I can get my pally able to respond to a thread more than 3 times.

Your trust level is locked to each individual character, just in case that wasn’t stated in that article. Like this character of mine is trust level 3, but if I hop to another character of mine, it would be in the same position you are now. So I would suggest perusing and reading threads, chiming in here or there to build that level up so you don’t run into that responding threshold again.


This is something we’ve shared feedback on, but wasn’t how the forums were initially setup and would require a bit of work to change. So, it’s one of those “nice to haves” on a backlog of feature requests.

You can never escape project management!


Yeah, I recently updated the name on this character here, shuffling the name between accounts to remove a special character. It reset my level-3 karma to zero again and I’ve been rebuilding it from scratch. It is what it is, the software sees the character with the new name as a separate entity and karma is character-bound, not account-bound.

I just miss being able to post pictures :sob:

im having the same issue and i cant refresh my character on warcraftlogs for some reason

How are WoW forum permissions staying assigned to character-name-realm the same as anything to do with a third party site like warcraftlogs?

I did notice, however, that you have the ability to view your armory profile turned off on the character you are posting on.

They are posting on a Classic character — which does not have an Armory page.

Regardless, even hiding the option to view your Armory directly from your Forum avatar does not stop your Armory page from being accessible.


I can only reply to some threads. pretty annoying.

It’s easy enough to get over that first hurdle by reading and interacting with what you can. If you’ve recently subscribed, you may need to log out and then back in for it to register the subscription. If you’re not subscribed, well then. That’s by design.


Hmmm could be the whole no longer subbed thing. thanks