Posts a bunch of nonsense

Report them, throw them on ignore, hope Grumbles comes by with cookies

Amyrlina had a bad day associated with wow.

Group hug!
And someone with TL 3 can post the appropriate graphic :wink:

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It’d be cool if there were a trust indicator by our name or something


why? so you get more people abusing the flagging system to make you lose the cyber rep?

nah it’s fine they kinda want some reddit forums by the looks of it.

Because at the moment the only way that I know of to find trust level is through webfu

Ew, dirty panties.

Where?!.. So I can avoid them of course. Definitely don’t want them for any other reasons.

Nah I just want to know what mine is :rofl: I mean I know it’s 2 now but I had to do some hackery to find it. I just think it’d be better if it was somewhere obvious, at least in our profile. If you want it hidden from other players view I’m cool with that too.

Oh, just to make it easier to see your own trust level?

Yep :slight_smile:

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but it’s there

member = TL2
regular = TL3

I think? I don’t know my member never changed regardless as I’ve been constantly flagged.

Oh I’m blind as a bat, it says I’m regular? So I have TL3? I’m gonna try posting a pic

I don’t know how lol

Oh snap look at that :open_mouth: I had no idea I was TL3 :rofl:

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One of them being that Winnie the Pooh meme where he’s struggling to read something.

The second being Gallow’s popcorn guy.

post that salt gif I guess :rofl:

there you go! congrats.

but then they have to pick up the panties and wash them and that just seems like a waste of time

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the hardest part is to keep it… :joy: