Can we get a guide on posting requirements?

Hi thank you for posting this. Do you know how we can see our trust level or ability limits so we know where we are at for the day.

There isn’t a way to do this, at this time.

There was a trick of adding .json to the end for a day, but they fixed it.

The trick is gone now.

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Yeah I had read that sort of tried it but couldn’t see anything, nice to see the guidelines here. so we know what to do.[]

Go into your profile page, remove anything after your name-realm and then add “.json” to the end of your name-realm like this: Dalaran.json (had to space due to random picture?)

It’ll bring you to a page that looks like a bunch of gibberish. Do a ctrl+f or do a find and search that page for “trust_level” and the one with the highest number is your current trust level.

So for example, performing this on my json page will show that I’m currently trust level 1.
Remember you are looking for “Trust_Level”
Hope it helps. -KBK

The trick is still available, you just need to look it up via the cntrl ability and type in “Trust_Level”
Hope this one helps too.


you’re amazing. Thank you!


I’m happy to help, just hit me up if you have any further questions by replying to this forum thread. <3

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Thank you. I dont quite know how to use the control thingy but i was able to link a video

What are you talking about? It is still there. It only doesn’t work if you set your profile to private where others can’t check it for you.

Also, for your one stop place for learning about the forum stuff:


My profile is currently [quote=“Alacialuun-lightbringer, post:12, topic:21313”]
What are you talking about? It is still there. It only doesn’t work if you set your profile to private where others can’t check it for you.

My profile isn’t private?
What do you mean?

This was the link I was looking for earlier, thank you.

Oh some people were having issues with checking the .json due to setting their profiles to private. If you set it to private, you’re the only one who can check your own status and if someone doesn’t know what they’re doing is missing a step or something, others can’t check for them.

It’s stickied at the top of the forums. You can also bookmark it for when you need to hand out the link again. (Using the forums bookmark system, not your browser’s)

Nope my profile is set to public, but thank you for letting me know. I’ll be sure to inform others that have the problem with it. :heart:

Ah! I’ll be sure to do that. Thank you.

Oh good, I can stop concerning myself with leveling up. Thanks!

Oh oh. I’ll never make it to rank 3. Are google docs a trusted website?

I wouldn’t see why not? I usually don’t leave the wow site unless its YT, or Wowhead, but other then that I don’t see anything wrong with a Google Doc.

Still can’t post a link to google sheets for leveling stuff, was just curious. Lemme try a youtube link so I can link to my youtube on leveling, but that youtube is less informative than a sheet that I put together deliberately to help people approach leveling more effectively :frowning: That is to say I can’t link google sheets

First lets get to the most important stuff here: Epic Beard fam.

  1. Next, you got yourself a new YT Sub. (I do YT myself)
  2. I’d also like to help you get a more clearer YT screen, because the picture seems a bit unclear, and I can help you make it much more clearer.
  3. I’m sorry you can’t link the google sheets, It seems like I can’t do it either, no clue. It may come through time, who knows?

DesMephisto#1384 if you wanna chat

I sent you an add request. <3

Lol me too, oh well it is what it is.