"lol you're BM"

Go to warcraftlogs and in the search type in petsniffer you can find some of your logs there. Someone in your raid had to be logging for it to show. You do have some though.


Sweet than you!


I’m about to run a few errands but I took a quick look for you.


This should show you your performance in raid and in M+. It looks like you’re focusing more on M+ rather than raiding so I don’t think it’s necessary to go over the LFR logs you have.

At a glance, you’re looking slightly above average, with your median being average. The dungeon it looks like you may struggle on the most is De Other Side.

AOE would definitely be a bit tougher for you since you are a deathlord, which I totally understand as venthyr lol.

Anyway, you should be able to look at those dungeons and get a more in depth overview of your performance, I apologize that I can’t go in more depth at the moment!

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I’ve read all previous posts in this topic…

Noone is saying that you cannot have an opinion. The problem is the parts of your posts which brings up BM(as an example). You basically form your opinion of BM on something that is not a reality.

Essentially, you’re arguing against something that isn’t there to begin with. You can be all “my opinion” as much as you want to, but if you build your opinion around arguments that are false, then what’s the point of having said opinion in the first place?


It does already? Or do you mean simultaneously?

You want what you want ofc, but why should we have these passive stat boosts? Why should any class have them really? They don’t really add anything for us. Only an arbitrary value which encounters will be tuned around anyway.

To be clear, do you want to remove Kill Command as a stand-alone ability and instead make it a secondary trigger to Kill Shot, when used?

Or do you want this to just be a BM exclusive boost to the value of Kill Shot for the spec?

Didn’t you say that you don’t like DoTs? That it’s the same as “cheating”?



Random but do you have like a higher trust level to be able to post links lol?

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Yes! So, there are a bunch of requirements you have to meet, but you have to be trust level 3 first before the forums will let you properly post links. There’s a certain amount of read time you need to hit, likes given / received, and I think a few other metrics that need to be hit before you can post them. Usually takes a few months to accomplish due to read time.

This thread has a better explanation.


I love it, thank you for that mate! You’ve done more than I could ask for :grin:

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once for all can you list my arguments that were not factual so can prove it, or are you just gona keep sayin, “you are wrong and i have the facts”

which ones?

less liability with ai, in fight like denathrius pet cant jump onto the plataform, still viable damage


you can carry 5 pets with you, you can have each focus on a buff for a diferent fight, lets say a aoe havy fight and you have a pet that provide 100 avoidance for the party? if you cant see benefit on that we are done.

yes bm exclusive, that would amp up bm dmg during execute phase the same way the opening for marks with careful aim

thats on me i forgot to mention no dot longer than 6 sec, if you REALLY read what i said on previous posts im fine with dot proced from a ability like deep wounds or marks, not like , agony, corruption and such.

amp up the focus regen, relay less on procs to gain a barbed shot to keep the dot up,

and another, all pet active skills now are part of the hunter rotation , pet will only auto attack, the skll is a hunter responsability, lets say, go for the throat 30 focus no cd, will cast the special ability of the respected pet, ie: lighting breath, smack, boar charge etc…and as such are affected for all hunter stats as crit, haste, etc…

Hunters are the only ones with an extra job on that fight (clearing orbs).

No one is carrying me, buddy. The people being carried are the ones dying to mechanics because they’re trying to parse. No one cares about parses until a boss is on farm.

Good thing you’re not in charge. You just want BM to be more like MM because “cUrrEnT BM is ChEaTiNg”.

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i want to give you limitations so you can overcome them because eventualy you will become a teenage and findout that life outside is hard, and im done with you, any good argument that is posted here with open mid for discussion and ill respond ppl getting offended because they spec is easier to play and they dont accept im done

I have only been quoting you with every post pointing out things I have problems with. The onus is on you to prove your claims. I’ll list a few for you. Again.

As you have tried to clarify you think “afk” damage applies to both pets and dots. But then go on to list them separately, so I don’t believe you actually believe your own words there but whatever.

How are dots inherently little work as you put it? You describe it and pet damage as “afk damage” even though both quite literally need the player to be actively maintaining them and using their abilities, otherwise dealing little to no damage.

Ghorak said it best though, more than any other quote is going to get through to you.

You are welcome to your opinion. But if your opinion happens to be one most people do not like or one that in this case, isn’t centered in reality, you of course going to be criticized for it.

You were upset earlier and trying to play victim when I quoted you lol. I don’t think you have room to be calling people children.


Bro I’m probably old enough to be your mom, lmao.

Or they could, you know, fix pet pathing on those fights.

Ah, yes. Let’s force BM hunters to stand there mid-fight switching pets to give the raid a buff. Then let’s give them crap about their parses. :upside_down_face:


Shame on you. People like you. made me so stupidly insecure in this GAME that I avoided most group content for the longest time. These arbitrary judgements are shortsighted.

You imply BM hunters are lazy, brain dead and essentially cheating by using pets for damage.

You are more than welcome to your opinions but you come across as arrogant and judgmental and insulting. The clue was the number of responders disagreeing with you.

Fortunately you would always kick me which I’m grateful for, because you don’t deserve me in your group. I am not my parses. I am not just my spec. I am a person that comes prepared and willing to do whatever my team needs to succeed with an excellent attitude and a fabulous personality.

I play for fun. My RL is all in order so dont you fret about it. You do you, Boo.

In the future perhaps be less obnoxious about your opinions.


so ill explain to you AGAIN.

does your pet take boss aoe damage? does it ever stop attacking? does kc affected by range?, do you pull your pet on shirekwing?sledge?hungering? i said this many times, by AFK, you start the encouter and he is THERE doing damage no matter LoS, your inability to have range on the target, you just push buttons thats what i mean afk, even if you dont push buttons still does dps does it not? not the same can be said for mm, so i hope we are clear on AFK DAMAGE now

again using a misunderstand conception of afk dmg, no effort no reward simple as that, dots are damage happening regard of range, los, rotation happening, or even if you are alive…are we CLEAR on this too? any dots longer than 3-4 globals are lazy design in my humble opinion

i only see BM hunters not liking me criticizing BM hunters,sounds about right to me, pretty sure that would happen in any sceneario, but ok moving on…

i didnt try to play victim but you seem not to be used with ppl standing up i respect your opinion

Some people who play both have called you out also, because it’s clear to everyone that you know absolutely nothing about how BM works.

Yet I bet you couldn’t play an affliction warlock to save your life.


Are you familiar with the Dunning-Kruger Effect? I will be using this thread as an example for my students. Thanks for your contribution.


i agree BM are biased overestimating their ability

You’ve got to be trolling at this point. This is just embarrassing.


No need. It’s incredibly clear.

I main BM. I play both BM and MM. I even know how to play SV well and I have other characters I play. The reason why you’ve gotten so much criticism is because you fundamentally do not seem to understand how BM even functions.

No, I understood. Your definition of “afk damage” is not a good one but I understood what you meant. Regardless, it isn’t a great point you’re trying to argue.

Really? Because you keep trying to make me out as if I’m some sort of bad guy when it’s literally everyone here telling you that you’re wrong.


At this point in the game anyone playing still is probably goofing around on alternate specs. Arguing if mm or bm is better really doesn’t matter at this point.

I got my mythic + mount and now I really have nothing to do. I don’t care about raiding and if I do raid I’ll prolly mess around as bm or survival for the Luls.

If I was pushing 22+ keys I’d want best specs and ppl pushing those keys know to play the best specs of their class. Kicking people at casual difficulty is pretty pathetic.

If your not in the circle of 22+ key players your essentially a casual. At this point. Accept it move on play with ppl with random specs it’s pretty fun to see if they can pump or not.