The time has come

oh. so cant post gif ;n;

how do you know what trust level you are at

Go to your profile. Remove the stuff after your server name in the link and type in .json. Weird text page comes up. Use the Ctrl + F feature to search “trust”. I didn’t explain it very well, but you can figure it out like that.

I wouldn’t question things too much then, in that case. Account actions, such as flags (and the sometimes accompanying temp ban if you’ve received enough) need to be actually moderator approved to count against you. Everything else on your profile matches the requirements, so there you go. Happy TL3 day to you.

Too complicated but thanks anyway


But for further explanation:

My guess is that I am at trust level 2, as it seems I can post as much as I want to post, but trust level 3 I will never reach as I’m too eccentric and the community consider some of my posts when I’m joking ‘trolling’

They can through suspensions.

It’s reasonable to assume that, in the same way that people who have had suspensions in the past cannot become TL3, anyone who is suspended after becoming a TL3 would be demoted back to TL2.

All that matters is whether or not your account is actiond by Blizzard.

Even if everyone had a problem with what you post and flagged you incessantly, as long as Blizzard doesn’t suspend you, then you’re still always eligible for TL3.

All that matters is whether or not your account is actiond by Blizzard.

Well I’m not allowed to talk about that sorry.

hmm lets see.


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Wait, do I have to watch 20k posts over 50 days of again to keep trust lvl 3?

Over 100 days. So in 50 days, your posts that you’ve read will start dropping off and will need to have read more to replace them in order to maintain the quota of 20k per 100 days.

It is why I had discouraged people from rushing to 20k posts read when the forums first went live as they’ll have a sudden dropoff of posts read for their 20k at the 100 day mark.

Try using this -

Courtesy of GrimmJ of EU Nagrand

  • Credit GrimmJ if you share
  • Works using oAuth so only Blizzard is handling your login info

That sounds awful, I don’t think I will be able to maintain level 3 lol

Thanks I know one of my alts is at trust level 1, but Elae isn’t loading…when it got to Elae my main, it just says “retrieving trust level…” but got stuck loading.

There are three sections with three different trust levels, which one is which? I did ctrl f and have 0, 1 and 2.

The tool that people use just says error for me. well except my monk which says trust 0.

2 is your highest if a 3 didn’t show up.

It’s strange, why does it post three different trust levels?

The .json page? It’s just like a… Log. You started out at 0, it marked that, then you got to 1, and it noted that and so on… I think? Anyway, it’s the same for everyone and whatever is farthest at the bottom/highest is your trust level.

Oh, that makes sense. 2 is my max either way, I was just curious.