Going to run the NTA setup tonight...We will see

As the the title says, I have setup a NTA setup, talents and lego. After doing some practice on bosses in SL Korthia, I believe I have the hang of it to try it out in tonight’s raid.

(Hmm it will not let me post the Raidbots URL???)
Is my current single target sim with this setup. It should be interesting to see how this goes.

Also for those who do not know, I am SV. Venthyr.

I know there’s another way of linking URLs but I always forget how to do so. If you break up the URL slightly, I’ll repost / link for you.

Embedding a URL requires trust level 3 on the forums which takes a certain amount of post, read time, and daily visits.

Hmm let me see.

raidbots simbot report/mkxAzHpHgSb2WkBngiSh67

Never knew that btw. Lol I guess I been away from the forums to long.


Was a change made back in 2018 or so when they updated the forums.

This thread has more information, outlining what the different trust levels are allowed to post and what not.

Thanks for the info Lazy. So yeah, I am hoping my small group rolls out to the new raid and I can give this a try. I have my Wildfire lego’s to use still in M+, this will be a test of raiding using the NTA setup.

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I mostly skipped raiding last patch myself. Probably going to try out raiding more this patch and see how it goes. Parses for the few normal bosses I did last patch were solid at least, so I’m not too out of practice despite not having done any more consistent raiding since Legion.

Hope the build goes well for you. Hoping heroic goes alright for myself tonight ^^.