Can't post links

ok so it says I don’t have a high enough trust level. my current trust level is member according to my summary on my profile page. the only thing I could find on the forums detailing the trust levels was a list of requirements for each one (Finding out your trust level); which I easily pass.

so, why can’t I post some links? at the very least can you post something official detailing exactly what people have to do to raise their trust level? because at the moment it all seems a bit guesswork-y to me! the link I posted above has some info but nothing from an actual Blizzard employee. it’s a lot easier to post screenshots in bug reports if you’re able to actually post screenshots in bug reports!!!

Read more. Post more. Like more, and post stuff that can get likes as well.

No, the system doesn’t provide any feedback. The forum software is a third-party product, and none of the forums that use it provide any such feedback.

So the only answer is “more”, until you attain TL3 (whatever it’s called). And then keep it up, because activity has to be sustained or else you’ll slip back into TL2 (“member”).