High Elf Allied Race Megathread (Continuation)

There was someone whose name I am blanking on who posted model mock ups in some of these threads too. Her and her brother did some cool stuff. Doesn’t seem like they are subbed at the moment.


Was a Hunter.

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My suggestions would be to tighten up the things said and include collapsible parts.

I’m I fond believer of the K.I.S.S. method.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about



Wait, what is this trust rating? How can you see what level you are,

Yeah her name Started with an S, I remember that much.


Go to Giphy.com look up any gif you want, copy the link and paste it here. If you cannot post it you will be lvl 1 not sure about 2.

I happened to be able to post full pics one day so I went on to try the gif and it works. Now Murg isn’t the lone dog at the top.

Here’s a thread about it too


I did an investigation and I have concluded we are talking about Somand.

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Yes! That’s who I am thinking of. I haven’t seen her in a while.


Or just go to the front page of the forums and see if the Lounge section is there

True… didn’t see that, but not a whole lot goin on in there. Just like a Smokey old bar that has all the regulars.


That’s just what I use to check I’ve still got mine.

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the difference is blizzard is making NEW similar things instead of adding the OLD similar things that already exist and have a fanbase attached to them and have for years.


That’s because to Blizzard the OLD similar things were too similar to be considered NEW similar things.

But…it went over 20k after the merges, as far as I could tell.

But blood elves as a whole DID endorse those actions; Kael and CO send the fel powered batteries and a naaru to rebuild Silvermoon, people knew what they were, and they accepted the toll. What’s with the whitewashing? Silvermoon was rebuilt using these volatile magics even if personally not all elves did.

And this is the kind of ill-intentioned and dismissive comments that show how worthless your opinions are. We been knew since you have been Fire.


But whether its new or old shouldnt really matter. Why should the new similar things be castrated for doing similar concepts that the old ones do?

Arent these same problems associated with bias and nostalgia blindness?

Blood Elves on a personal basis might not have siphoned from fel directly, but they rebuilt their civilization by replacing their lost source of power with with the power sources provided by Kael’thas, which he obtained from demons and others.

Also Metzen looks so young.

Even if we can all agree that the green crystals are green for the aesthetic -and a lot of the BE aesthetic of Quel’thalas is kinda contradictory of previous depictions- the notion that the “fel crystals” weren’t fel before is not the point; the point is that they are by the time of BC being powered by demonic energies to replace the Sunwell’s power.


I think the disassociation is the since then.

Kindly reminder that Mage-Priests do exist, so Reno isn’t technically wrong:



No, the problem we have been having is the revisionist downplaying of how much fel the Blood Elves used to use; it was like radium and they used it for everything but doesn’t meant they all got high of it.

I doubt you’ll find many people claiming that BE’s currently still use fel powered Crystals; newer lore states they don’t currently.