Hope you all are having a good day

How do you know when you hit level 3, or for that matter what level we’re currently at?

Anyone know if that is a lifetime level, or if 100 more days elapse and you don’t ready 20k posts in the next 100 days if your trust level falls again? Thanks!

Try to type in a link. If you can, you’re level 3.

I guess I could mess around and see if I get close to a Triple Double…

Grats on the level 3 You!

And yes, i am having a good day! Thanks for asking :grin:

it wouldnt let me :frowning: How do I know what level I am currently?

Gratz on level 3 :slight_smile:

Level 3 somehow snuck up on me out of the blue.

Grats, here, have some fresh green cookies. They’re organic. I promise!!!

Congratulations on Level 3 You


Idk how to post links tho even when I checked my profile and it said I had trust level 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

Should be in this link somewhere.

Just type/copypasta a http address. Should work.

When I do that I get a 404 error.

Welp. No level 3 for me lol.

You’re level 2. Your days visited says 29 days - need at least 50 for level 3.

To put in links, put a " ` "’ (tilde key above Tab) before and after the url.

I am.Today is my Birthday.:birthday::woman_cartwheeling:

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Actually, the news that Emissaries/Assault gear rewards in the patch will be spec based may have swayed some guildies to stay. So I’m much better today than yesterday.

I’m doing good! All caught up with work.

I just joined my works Smash tournament. lol I’M SCARED! I hope I can win a few games!

Man, I really want a coffee… it’s too cold to get up again though…


happy birthday :slight_smile:

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