Why am I still level 2 for the forums?

You get the ability to post gifs , links :rofl::rofl:

Yeah that’s a power that maybe should not be given to me, will 10/10 abuse
Inc Old Gregg spam


Where do you see what level you are?

Yuup. I figure this is what’s going to block most people.

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Your eye glow doesn’t match the position of your eyepatch so I’m reporting you for trolling my emotions goodbye rank 3


Look like I was rank two, but now I am back to rank zero. Looks like having a debate with other users will prevent you from climbing the ladder if anyone reports you. The fun thing is, I didn’t even say anything offensive like curse words. Strong opinions for sure, but nothing that could honestly be reprimand worthy.

Level 1 can post links of videos from youtube. Level 3 allows you to post any link, pictures, and gifs.

You are still level 2.

In fact, you likely will reach level 3 if you read 8k more posts if you haven’t been suspended or anything on the forums.

You’re at day 49 you should have it soon.

You still can’t see their forum activity which is what Rhielle needed to look at to see if the OP met all the qualifications. Do you need to contest every single thing?

Cursing is not a requirement for offending someone. If the mods think you violated the CoC, they will action you.

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You know you can’t see forum stats from the armory, right? Hiding your profile hides the forum stats completely, searching the armory doesn’t do anything to get around that.

Your json says trust level 2

That didn’t work. There is nothing after my name to remove and adding .json only took me to an error page.

Thanks, I saw trust level 0 on there too.

it shows all past trust levels

Shows trust level 2.

up in the address bar

I finally found it. It’s not under your character profile. You have to click the settings gear.